The Importance of Public Speaking

Leaders in our society are also consistently the best speakers, regardless of the field that they are in. From elementary school all the way to the directors of a massive company, those who can speak well are deeply admired by their peers. Teaching public speaking in high school is the right way to go in order to nurture successful and confident young adults.

Let’s start with the present: high school. As schools become more innovative in their teaching, students in high school are required to speak publicly more than ever. Assignments involving presentations in front of the class have now become a major assessment component for many subjects, and it is no doubt that the better speakers will get the higher marks in these aspects. The lack of training in public speaking in high schools leaves behind those who are not born with good speaking skills, while favouring those who are. By teaching speaking skills to high school students, they’re all given an equal chance to succeed in this aspect of their studies.

Students will have trouble with possible interviews for college and jobs if they are not prepared. Whether it’s convincing friends to go out for dinner, making a sales pitch, or appealing to an audience in the name of some important cause, being a persuasive speaker is immensely helpful. It’s not just an academic or professional skill, it’s a life skill. Most people understand the embarrassment of being put on the spot in an unfamiliar setting, but having the confidence gained from past public speaking experience would make these uncomfortable situations much more bearable. It’s people like these who are able to take on the leadership roles in meetings of disorganized clubs or a chaotic study group, too.

This life skill retains its value far beyond high school. Several careers involve speaking to an audience. Even the greatest doctors and engineers have to present their information occasionally. In professions such as law, teaching, civil service, and entrepreneurship, good speaking skills are a must. Being comfortable with public speaking not only opens doors to many potential career paths for high school students, but also enhances their ability to pursue whichever one they choose.

There is no doubt that public speaking is an extremely useful skill. Applicable in academics, social settings, and the professional world, it is something that can and will be kept with the student forever. Teaching public speaking to high school students enables them to strive for nothing short of the best for themselves.