The Importance of Sex Education

There is a large debate about whether should sex education be taught. Some parents feel it is highly important for their children to know and understand the dangers and consequences that come with begin sexually active while others choose to avoid the subject. It is very important for teenagers to know and understand the full scope of what may happen should they engage in sex. Sex education is important because most of today’s teens are having sex earlier than previous generations.

Teens need to be prepared for whatever life throws at them. If they attend school or go out with friends they are going to sooner or later encounter an offer to have sex. It is important that your teen know and understand what could happen if they engage in sexual activity. A teen needs to understand that having sex could result in having a child, sexually transmitted diseases, or other problems. Sexual education teaches children what to be aware of after the fact of sex.

Later generations only had the worry of having a child after engaging in sex or a STD that a trip to the doctor could cure our children have much more to worry about. Many of the STD’s out there today have no cure. Some you simply live with the rest of your life others are more serious and could end your life. Would you not want your child to know about the serious risks of having sex before they are really ready?

Sex education in school allows many children to learn what their parents can’t tell them. Many parents simply cannot sit down with their child and discuss the topic of sex. They as well as the child are uncomfortable. If you cannot tell your child about sex you need sex education in schools to tell them or else they may learn in a not so safe way. Sex education encourages children to practice safe sex should they engage in it. Yes it is true they provide condoms in some instances and tell your darling daughter that she can be put on the pill but had you rather your child not have a condom or the pill and run the high risk or pregnancy or disease?

Sex education is also not only about the risks of sex itself sex education teaches children how their body changes and what to expect as they change. This allows children to know and understand that what is happening to them they should not be afraid of but accept because it is all a part of life and growing into an adult.

The truth is regardless of how you raise your child the option to engage in sex is going to be there. Sex is popular with today’s generation and is often engaged in. Your child may not be able to resist the temptation and curiosity they have. Sex is a part of life and sooner or later your child will encounter it. Sex education prepares your child the information they need to understand exactly what is or could happen in the long run from engaging in sexual activity. Sex education also provides your child with the knowledge of safe sex.

Many times children feel they can talk to these teachers or counsellors, when they cannot come to you as a parent. Make the right decision and allow your child the education to know what to do in a sexual situation. You would not want to keep your child from learning to read or write because you know the importance of those skills as part of their education in today’s social world. Sex education is no different, it will be encountered, it is a part of life, and you will want your child to have the best options to make the wisest decisions. That is what sex education is there for. Accept it for all the benefits it has despite the few things you do not agree with because if sex education is done away with parents will have to talk with their children no matter how uncomfortable the subject or else their children will learn as part of experimentation, trial, and error.