The Importance of Teacher Body Language in High School

How you communicate is more important than what you communicate. It is true because 95% of the role in any conversation is played by non-verbal gestures and the remaining 5% impact is created by Verbal communication.

Body language is an important part of non-verbal communication and a correct body language can create the right impact during any conversation. It is not mandatory that a high school teacher with great factual knowledge might be acknowledged as the best teacher in the school and this usually happens when the teacher portrays incorrect body language in front of his students in the classroom. How important is a teacher’s body language in the classroom? There are some body language related etiquette rules that need to be followed by the teachers in their respective classrooms:

Make the classroom session interactive: A classroom session can either be interactive or dull. Students learn more when they are interacting with the teacher and their fellow classmates during a classroom session. In order to make a classroom session interactive a teacher should learn to create enthusiasm in the students through the use of correct facial expressions. Smile is an excellent facial expression for a teacher because a smile makes the teacher look more accessible to the students.

Maintain eye contact: It is very important for a teacher to maintain eye contact with the students while teaching. This eye contact should be for a short time frame so that it is not considered as a stare by the students. An eye contact shows the confidence of the teacher and it also makes the students attentive in the class. A stare is considered to be incorrect because it makes the students feel uncomfortable and conscious of their surroundings.

Walk through the class: Communication is considered to be effective if, it reaches out to every member of the targeted audience. Here the targeted audience is the students and this means that the information conveyed by the teacher should be understood by all the students in the classroom. This task becomes difficult to accomplish if the teacher maintains a continuous practice of sitting behind the desk. This means that the teacher should roam around the whole class at regular intervals and should make sure that everybody understands the concept. A teacher should not fold his arms while walking because this shows that the teacher is defensive or guarded. This would restrict the students from approaching the teacher.

Correct Posture: Correct Posture is very important while sitting or standing. Correct posture means that a person should stand or sit with his back in an erect position. Any kind of slagging while sitting or standing shows a lack of confidence and students do not like to interact with a teacher who shows low self-confidence. High self- confidence in a teacher increases his acceptance because students believe in what he speaks or conveys.

Territorial respect: A teacher should not stand too close to a student because this kind of gesture might make the student feel uncomfortable. Every person has his own personal territory and any kind of intrusion in his personal territory might offend him and make him feel uncomfortable. So, it is important for a teacher to understand and respect the personal territories of his students.

Professionalism: A high school teacher should be professional in his approach and his personality should demand respect. It is very important for a teacher to understand the dignity of this profession and he should make an attempt to nurture this student-teacher relationship in the right way.

Listen to your students: Students have their own arguments and beliefs and it is very important for a teacher to listen to them. A teacher should maintain a calm posture in the class because this allows the students to come out with their views on the topic. This makes the session interactive and creates a good environment in the class.