The Importance of Teaching Public Speaking to High School Students

It is absolutely vital to teach public speaking to high school students.  You will find many benefits from this activity.

It can help them in further education

Many students will be going on to college.  They can benefit from being good public speakers while in college in many ways.  First, in many classes students are required to come up in front of the class and give a presentation. Sometimes this can be a significant part of the grade.  It can be a problem if you are too shy to do this.  Also, you may have to speak in front of people or interview just to get into the college of your choice.  You may want to do an extra-curricular activity where you have to speak in front of others.  It would be unfortunate if a student wants to do something but is limited because of a fear or discomfort of public speaking.

It can help them in their careers

Many high school students are hopeful to get good careers.  Of course if you want a job that has anything to do with speaking then you will want to know this.  Students may benefit from knowing how to successfully speak in public even for jobs that do not require public speaking among their duties.  First it can help a student get a job.  You may have to interview in front of several people, and the interviewers can usually tell when people are uncomfortable. They may be more interested in someone who is comfortable with talking to others since that plays a part in most jobs.  Also, there are many jobs in which public speaking is at least a tiny element.  It may be while you are having a meeting.  Of course, teachers always talk in front of people.  If someone is uncomfortable with public speaking, then they may limit themselves quite a bit with their career choices and even handicap themselves when looking for a job.  If you can teach all of the students when they are in high school then they will start ahead.

It can be difficult to learn as they get older

When a student learns public speaking skills in high school then they may just carry it with them.  Instead if they do not learn it, they may get this fear engrained in them.  It might make it difficult for them to learn later.

It can help them in life

The high school students may find that learning how to speak in public will help them in life.  For instance, it can help them in social situations.  They can be more comfortable when going out and meeting new people.

Public speaking is an key lesson to teach to every high school student.  The above reasons highlight its importance.