The Importance of Theater in Public Schools

Endless Possibilities
Secondary School is often described as a person’s home away from home. Students spend more than five hours a day, five days a week and it is often the friends, the teachers, and the education that they gain that greatly affect them later on in life. It is through the education that they receive in secondary school that they can be successful later on in life. I believe that of all the courses that students can take in high school, the Counseling course must become mandatory.

The Counseling course should become compulsory because I believe that students need to understand how to deal with issues that they face on a daily basis. With the materialistic approach, fueled by industrialism, that has been adopted by our society, everyone is in constant search of more technology, more money, and more machines. Our society has become a power-hungry world. Everyone wants more power to be the most successful, but I genuinely feel we have forgotten the basics. People appear to have overlooked how to simply live a life of love. When faced with adversity, we respond with violence. When faced with pain, we eliminate it by means of alcohol, drugs, or even suicide. I believe this is a huge problem in our society. We’ve forgotten how to simply live and grow as people. We are destroying each other and this Earth. Historically, we are in continuous search of a utopia, but time and time again, we fail because we are unable to find peace. According to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, since 1945, our world has only seen 26 days without war. This is deeply saddening. I believe that people have truly forgotten how to cope with issues that arise in the day to day life. This rings true even more for teenagers, who, for those aged 15-24, have approximately 4,000 suicides per year and over 130,000 suicide attempts per year. In fact, suicide is the number two leading cause of death for students in that age group, only trailing behind car accidents. This astonishes and greatly saddens me. To think that one of the most common forms of death for students is actually preventable is absolutely ridiculous. Suicide is preventable through education. If people learned how to deal with their pain and their problems, we could save over 4,000 lives. With so much pressure coming from their teachers and parents, it is very difficult for them to cope. If counseling became a mandatory course, not only could the students learn how to help themselves, but also how to help others. The danger that could be averted would be astounding. The counseling course would eliminate the need for alcohol and drugs to “numb” the pain. This could help turn possible drug-addicts into successful students. These students will eventually grow older and become the leaders of today. If difficulties could be better dealt with, there would be many less alcoholics and drug addicts in our world. Even simple things, such as road rage, would be greatly reduced, and on the complete opposite side of that spectrum, possible wars could be averted as well. Perhaps, if people could concentrate more on the development of our world and others, rather than the selfish need for power and success, we could protect our ever fading world from destruction and daily pollution. If the counseling course were to become mandatory, I truly believe that people would be better equipped to deal with whatever hardship the world threw at them and our Earth would become a better place.

My Secondary School has truly proven to be a place where I have developed my true sense of self. The time that I spend at school has really given me the leadership skills to become a role model for my peers. I speak from experience when I say that I sincerely believe that by making the Counseling course mandatory, not only would the students benefit, but the world could become a better place. I believe that the Counseling course must become obligatory in order to help this world before it continues down this road of destruction that it is traveling on. After all, if the Counseling course could even have a minuscule effect on the improvement of people, the effects on our Earth would be immense.