The Life of the Average Middle School Outcast Bully

Is it really that great to be popular? Well the answer is yes, it is. But there is the other side, the nerds or the outcasts. Usually being an outcast is great, no peer pressure and just a relaxed state of being but not in this case. Being an outcast in middle school usually if your lucky one friend. It feels like you’re not even noticed that you’re not even here for a reason. I’m going to go through the average day of a average middle school outcast through my eyes.

I arrived late to class, because I overslept, I pressed the snooze three times more than I should have. I went up to my locker, stuck right in the corner where it’s hardest to reach, but what makes it even worse is that a popular girl and her posse of friends who happen to be surrounding your locker. You say excuse my twice but, they move about half an inch. A second later a second popular girl comes and everyone moves out the way, even though she didn’t say a thing. Once I get to my locker about 10 mechanical pencils go down the back of my shirt. All the popular girl who dropped the pencils says is “My B” which is slang for my bad. She only stands there waiting for you to pick up her pencils for her, and when I reach my hand out to her she reaches out her hand and then her math text book falls out her locker and knocked up my head. This time she didn’t even say anything. I once again handed her the thing she dropped on me. I finally had all the things I needed or math class, I headed for my first class. Every one looks at me and snickers, I just sit there and try and find out what the latest rumor about me is. Your classmates just laugh for the rest of the class until the teacher has had enough and asked, “What’s all this laughing about?” “Jack (my name) told us a funny joke and we can’t stop laughing.” said one of my least favorite classmates. “Jack I will not have any of this joking in my class.” All I say is yes maim has gone dry with the anger. The bell rang and I headed for my next class Language Arts. It’s my least favorite subject but is my favorite class. This is because I have a very strict teacher who won’t allow any disturbances in her lesson. This class goes without much commotion. The next class I have to go to is science class when the school bully and his gang come and try to stuff me in my locker, I didn’t fit of course, but they enjoy the pain they cause me, both mentally and physically. The bell rings, before I can get to my class so I head towards the main office to receive my punishment. The bully and his gang are there too because they also got locked out. I think about telling g the assistant principal but then I realize if I tell he’ll just eat me up even harder next time, so I just stand there silently, my throat dry again because of the bottled up anger. I watch the assistant principal call my parents and tell them I was late to class again. I went into your science class and find out that the rumors have got even worse. Science class goes somewhat like math class. I leave for the field for recess. I am a very good football and soccer player, so I lined up to get picked. Everybody around me got picked and I was the only one left. The two teams leave to go play as if I didn’t exist, it actually felt like I didn’t exist. They don’t know I’m good, because they never picked me before. And they never picked me before because I am an outcast. For the next 23 minutes I walk around the track. After the 23 minutes is up I go to the cafeteria to have lunch, I am one of the first in line. But all the popular kids skip me and their posse of friends follow. I end up at the end of the line. They act like I’m not there, like I’m nothing. I soon feel like nothing. Once I get my meal I sit down at the end of the table were nobody is, my food has got cold and I get the food everyone else rejected, but I still smile because I know tit was much better than yesterdays food. I hurry to chug my food so I won’t starve the other half of the day. The teachers announce that lunch has ended, with my second bite in mouth, I smile happily knowing that I had one more bite than yesterday. I line up to back to class, this is the only time nobody skips you. They don’t skip you because they want you to hold the door open for them. I held open the first door for 5 minutes while the people who were behind me waited for me at the second door. They acted like I had nothing better to do, the truth is that I didn’t have anything better to do. It was time for my Social Studies class, its my favorite subject but my least class because there is a young hip teacher who always enjoys a laugh. Even if it’s about another student. “Hey Ms. Summers guess what I heard, he looks around and sees me and then whispers into his teachers ear. A few seconds later the teacher and the student burst out laughing . “That can’t be true!” said Ms. Summers. “It is though!” said the student. The rest of the class goes on like this. I try and concentrate on your work while kids around you laugh at me. I start to pack up my things. The school day is finally over. On the first day of school I sat in the back of the bus with the popular kids but that didn’t go to well, so know I sit in the front with the protection of the bus driver. I knockout most of my homework and try to finish it all but my stop comes before I have a chance. I walk a mile home with a 11 pound book bag on my back just because my bus driver is to lazy to drive me directly to my house. But I walk home and don’t say a word. I get home finish the rest of my homework and await the punishment form my parents for being late to class. So I just wait. I just wait.