The Link between Music Education and Mathscience Performance

behavior student has a hard time listening to instructions. In order for the student to get the best academic support you must keep it quiet inside the behavior classroom. The teacher has to make sure the classroom is quiet at all times. There should be no distractions whatsoever and the student should be able to hear everything that is said. The littlest noise can distract the behavior student and even the gurgling of a fish tank or a closing of a door can bring them off task. The child must have a total silence to be able to focus on the work.

For older students music is a good way to give ambient sounds to the background and let the child concentrate on their work. In most schools CDs, MP3 players, and other listening devices or banned. This does not work in the behavior classroom for the older student. Let them put on their own music and if they are comfortable working in that environment, then let them do it. Music is a great way to let the student feel like they have some ownership under their study time and at the same time the music is kept to a level where only they can hear it.

Don’t get into a battle with your behavior student about music. Though you might think that some of their music is inappropriate, remember that it is them who are listening to it and their parents probably approve of it in the first place. If a behavior child is not playing their own music at school, then it would be okay for you to play music from a CD player or computer in your room. Easy listening is not a good choice. If the child knows the words to the music they will hum or sing-along. The best music for the behavior classroom is New Age sounds which has a rhythm and a beat that is not easy to keep time to.

You can also use music to reward the child. If the child is going through some difficulties and needs a timeout that it’s not mandatory, let them take their listening device to timeout room so they can simply sit and just chill out for a while. Music has been known to calm some of the most aggressive behaviors and if you let that be a reward, it’s just another tool in your toolbox in managing your behavior classroom. Have strict rules about music and do not let it get out of hand. Music is just another way they can manipulate you and if they try this you can use it as a consequence instead of a reward.