The Problem with Public Education

There are a lot of things that are wrong with public education. One of many is the lack of security when it comes to children being bullied in their classrooms. Public schools are lacking a lot of very important details like higher goals and more determination when it comes to teaching children all of the subjects they need to learn if they want to get into a good college, and those subjects that are optional but should be enforced more. The problem with public schools does not all fall on the shoulders of the children that attend schools on a daily basis, but with school officials that have the power to change all of the things that are wrong with the education rubric, and the small things that matter the most around schools.

Not only do some schools fail when it comes to how much their rules are enforced, especially with their students. But some schools have very low test scores and for some reason, students are still graduating. There are many things that are wrong with public schools that can easily be fixed if school officials, teachers and even their students get together and make hard changes that can help everyone get as much out of their education as they deserve. The problem with public schools is not only that students are not safe and not passing their classes as they should be. It’s also that the rules for public schools are so outdated that students are passing classes and not able to participate in many school activities because of lack of encouragement from their teachers.

Some public schools have rules for students and clubs and who can do what. As great as it is to have rules for clubs, some of them are outdated and lacking the passion that students once had for their school clubs because there are too many rules keeping them from really taking the club out into the public eyes. These sort of things are the one’s that help children not only focus better in their own school, but also to find the determination to do better when they need to.

The problem with public schools is not that students are not into getting a better education. It’s that they are not being motivated enough by their teachers, and schools are often running low on money and this has a huge effect on how schools function.