The Problem with Public Education

Public education has always had its problems; however, until the government got involved kids were at least graduating High School able to read, write and do math. Most kids could count change and balance a checkbook. It is true that some kids never did master skills, but no matter how hard they try educators cannot reach every child. Educators required taking over the role as parent, too much testing ever changing curriculum, and mostly government regulations are the biggest problems with education.

Teachers are expected to parent kids not just teach them. Kids lack discipline but teachers are not allowed to send them home. They spend much of their time disciplining the children who do not want to learn, instead of teaching the kids who do want to learn. Teachers have no control or recourse but yet the parents want them to make the kids behave. Too much of the class time is wasted on putting up with disruptive kids who should be sent home until they can behave.

Kids seem to spend more time testing than learning. Teachers cannot teach any more, they have to test. Most kids endure the NCLB assessment test, MAPS, Dibbles and many other tests. The tests are not given to find out if the kids are actually learning. They are given for the sake of statistics and accreditation. Kids spend much of their time studying for tests that will not benefit them in the adult world.

The curriculum is constantly changing based in the test requirements. Teachers just learn a curriculum and get comfortable with it when they have to learn a new one. This means they have to take time away from teaching to go to classes for the curriculum they are learning about. All of this takes away from teaching time, makes for less confident teachers, wastes tax payers’ money and does not benefit the children at all. Kids begin learning math with one curriculum but by the time they reach the 5th grade most of the time it has changed so they have to learn a different way. They administration never sticks with what works; in their search to find something that they think will work they are losing the kids who are currently in school.

The biggest problem with public education is the government involvement. The government is so busy thinking that everyone must learn equally the same and that everyone will learn the same. Well that is not true, there will be those who achieve high grades and those who will barely get by. They need to realize that it is all right if things are that way. The world needs a mixture of every type of person. If a kid does not do great in school it does not mean he will not be a success in life. The government thinking that everyone has to be a scholar has destroyed public education.  The kids who do not score well feel inadequate and the gifted kids are being left behind. There’s no balance.

The government has put so many regulations on teachers and curriculum that the teachers cannot teach any more. They are so busy trying to follow the government’s rules that educating the children is becoming a thing of the past.

Public education is falling short of what it is supposed to do. Hopefully some day the government will remove itself so that teachers can get back to teaching so kids can grow up to be productive and successful adults.