The Pros and Cons of Academic Honors and Prizes in High School

On the pros side of things, the list is long. That list weighs heaviest on the desk of perspective collage boards. It carries enough weight to add confidence to any student being faced with the years at a university. It also provides the individual with a sense of accomplishment that can set the stage for a lifetime of achievement.

As a student does the work to accomplish in areas that provide academic honors and prizes they are building the muscle of their mind. Starting off easy and adding more each year will have a great strengthening effect on the student. Not only will they become sharper mentally, their confidence in their ability to achieve will heighten significantly. Success builds success and when these prizes and honor are sought and achieved in high school that pattern of success is sure to spill over into the life that lies ahead.

As to their somewhat immediate future, when their high school resume is read those honors and prizes help the students’ application to stand out. Those at the students prospective university read stack apron stack of well done resumes. It is safe to say, especially when scholarships are at stake, that most of the resumes will tout nice SAT scores and very decent GPA’s. What can really make the difference between one highly ranked student and another is the prize and/or academic honor that they have received.

Most college officials reading these resumes will never meet the student, at least not before a decision is made. The decision many times has to be base solely on those papers laid out before them. The heavier the weight of them, the better chance the student has for acceptance and of being awarded scholarships.

On the other side of the coin are the cons. One con would be if the student spreads themselves too thin in attempting to participate in the events. Those same prizes and honors won’t look so great hanging on the backdrop of poor grades. Still, a balance can be found. Simply select and participate in the most obvious choice of academic or award winning event offered by the high school. Choose the one that the student naturally excels in the most. Each year can be devoted to one area of concern allowing participation as well as good grades.

Balance in all things applies very nicely to the area of academic honors and prizes. Doing what you can, but not over doing it, but doing something is the goal. This is aiming for excellence, and doing the work to accomplish it builds a pattern of success for the student. Even when they do not win the highest prize, that they participated will still carry it’s weight and the lessons learned while striving will still build the character of a well rounded, assertive and confident student.