The Pros and Cons of Night School for Pregnant Teens

I am quite pleased to mention that night school for pregnant teens is a program that is working quite well. Living in a country that is being left behind educationally compared to other developed nations, I think this is a step in the right direction. Night school provides these girls with the minimal education they sorely need.

I work in a public high school presently, and it’s very much an option for a young woman to attend “regular” school with her peers. Though teen pregnancy still has a social stigma attached, it’s no longer in the sense of harassment or ridicule by the teachers. Today’s teenager would hardly receive anything from a teacher with a grain of salt. With the diversity of cultures and importance of family, teachers that are parents themselves, are typically understanding of a studen’ts situation. Her fellow peers would be the people that she is most concerned over. Her friends will eventually show their true colors and friendships may become stronger or those bonds may shatter as some begin to make comments about her pregnancy or sexual life. She may even live the agony of the baby’s father breaking up with her, kissing another girl in the hallway, or having rumors spread on campus.

Night school opens up an opportunity for a pregnant teen to receive the same education with less of the drama and stress that she most certainly does not need. She will possibly meet other young mothers-to-be, so it’s very possible to make friends there as well. For many young women, their options are limited, and the last months of their pregnancies will hinder their capability to attend classes. The months after that, they will spend taking care of their newborns. If the girls are fortunate, they will have extra support from their families and perhaps from the baby’s father. If they are fortunate, they can complete their education and may move onto college or at least in the workplace.

A drawback to night school is the lack of counseling and guidance for these parents-to-be. Another would be the cost of night school. It can be high in some areas of the country, and that may cause a pregnant teen or teenage mother to turn away and slip into society’s cracks. However, those defiant to live in poverty will hopefully take the right steps into furthering their education and become a successful person in life.