The Pros and Cons of Performing Arts Oriented High Schools

There are many advantages to performing arts oriented high schools. One advantage in particular is the continuity that exists with the students. All of the students share the same interest. Ultimately, they are in an environment that supports their interest.

In performing arts high schools very seldom do you run into instances where the students are abusing their bodies with drugs and alcohols. They are driven artists, focus on their budding careers. Also, because they have a passion to perform, this same level of intensity is applied to other core subjects like math and science. Studies have shown that students in specific tailored schools do very well academically.

Another advantage to attending a performing arts high school is the opportunity to learn whether you have what it takes early on. These schools are very demanding and highly competitive, great representation of the industry. Nothing sugar coated.

These are just a few of the advantages to attending a performing arts high school. However, just like anything else in life, there are disadvantages as well. One disadvantage is the pressure children often feel in competing. Now it’s best to depict a realistic picture, but sometimes at these schools they go a little overboard with painting this picture.

Children are very impressionable even still at the high school level. The type of pressure placed on them at performing arts schools can be a bit much-making happy go lucky children stressful, and jaded about life in general. Another disadvantage is the auditions that often create a sense of cut-throatiness, and an over indulgence in winning at these schools.

Now one of the biggest disadvantages is the physical pressure placed on your children. For this type of industry, there is an obsession with looking perfect and being the perfect size which usually means a size 1. Bulimia and anorexia are very serious disorders affecting young children today. Some performing art schools infuse industry standards into their students.

If you’re considering a performing arts high school for your child, ask a lot of detailed information regarding how the students are treated when they don’t perform up to par. Ask about the expectations, and how students respond to each other. Check out the alumni staff, Board of Directors, and see if you can serve in some capacity. You do not want to just turn your son or daughter over to them without you as the parent staying involved.