The Pros and Cons of Performing Arts Oriented High Schools

Looking back, I wished I went to a high school that specialized and focused on the visual and the performing arts. If you want to go to an art school or any institute of higher education which any good art programs, going to these schools are definitely the way to go. These schools mainly focus on the arts such as drawing, painting, singing, acting, dancing, etc. As a former substitute teacher, I found that subbing at these schools are much peaceful and relaxing.

It made me think of this one middle school that focused on the arts. I’ve subbed there quite a few times. But I didn’t get called as much often. If I could, I would sub there as much as often rather than sub at a bunch of the other schools. These schools are focused on nurturning children’s artistic gifts. So far, I’m pretty much impressed. The biggest benefit is that going to an art school, you can focus on whatever crafts you’re interested in. The chances of getting accepted into any art program in college is much higher than a student coming from a regular high school.

For plays, musicals, and other stage productions, their budgets are much bigger than that of a regular high school. Performing arts oriented high school means a bigger budget any event associated with the performing arts.

So if you want a careet in either the visual or performing arts, going to an art oriented high school is the way to go. But if you feel that a career in the arts is definitely not for you, you can make an easy transition into a regular high school. That’s a very important pro.

However, these art schools aren’t without their drawbacks. These schools only focused on the performing arts. There are hardly any other type of electives such as computers and what not at these schools. Most of them do not have any sort of athletics department. So, if you want to join the football team, basketball team, or any other sports team, you’re pretty much out of luck.

Keep in mind that these performing arts oriented high school are pretty difficult to get into. Enrollment is basically competitive and based on your merits. Mainly towards the public oriented performing arts high school. Private institutions can get pretty costly.

There’s this performing arts high school in a city that’s about forty-five minutes from the town that I live in. The students go to this high school across from this arts school for their regular classes. Meaning, distance is another factor. It can get pretty costly especially with the fluxuating gas prices. That can be a major drawback to going to a performing arts school.

At this performing arts school, you have to take participate in their bi-annual plays as part of the school curriculum. You also have to keep up your academic GPA at the same time. So it can be tedious balancing the performing arts activities with your grades. But if you want it that badly, you can handle it.

There is one big major drawback that happens to be a pet peeve of mind, is that these students can be pretty arrogant. I’ve done a few college plays with people that graduated from such performing arts schools. Some of them have that mentality we need them more because of where they went to school. Others have the mentality that because they went to a performing arts school, they can go ahead and belittle plays and events put on by other schools. That can be a major pro. One has to be careful because that mentality will tick numerous directors, producers, etc.

These are major cons to be thinking about. But if you want it that badly, then the pros will definitely outweigh the cons. If you want to go into acting, singing, dancing, or whatever, these schools are definitely worth looking into.