The Pros and Cons of Single Sex Schools for Boys

The pros and cons of single-sex schools for boys may change as the public school takes advantage of that age-old approach to learning which was once the exclusive domain of the private school.  Yet today, educating boys in the public school is coming back into vogue because of the fact that boys and girls learn differently and therefore are more suited to particular academic disciplines as per their individual gender.  Thus, this article will discuss the pros and cons of educating boys in uni-sex schools.

Given the 400 public schools that offer single-sex classes and the 110 public All-boys or All-Girls Schools within the public school system there should be no problem in separating the student per his or her gender.

The Pros

As we all know, boys are predisposed to boisterous play or loud noises; and therefore, they feel more at home when issues are addressed that befit their masculinity.  For example, giving boys more space so that they can enhance their creativity will work wonders when the aforementioned issues are more relevant to them.  This aggression will be acted out in appropriate ways in delegating more responsibility to the leader of the pack, so to speak. 

Additionally, there will be fewer distractions when boys are consigned to single-sex schools.  Because in the earlier grades the emphasis should be on academics and the All-Boys School would be a haven where learning wouldn’t be a problem.  A teacher or proctor wouldn’t have to worry about a pupil who is overcautious in going about his assignments.

Another pro about having boys attend single-sex or uni-sex schools is that they will develop a maturity that is unique to them.  We know that girls mature faster than boys, so having boys attends single-sex schools will enhance or complement their maturity in relation to their female counterparts. 

The Cons

One of the cons as they pertain to single-sex schools for boys is that there would be more drama displayed by these high- testosterone young charges who need to expend some of that pent-up energy.  This work adversely to how some of these young charges would respond to the core-requirements of these All-boys Schools.

Finally, single-sex or uni-sex schools for boys are coming back into vogue.  Whether one is selected for your son depends on how you value the education of your offspring.  The choice is yours.