The Public Education Problem

The problem with Public Education is the ever-increasing propaganda coming from politically correctness philosophy that prevents students from exercising their critical thinking abilities. The students are receiving pre-packaged ready to swallow education pills that will miss the first steps necessary to digest and analyze thoughts. Is critical thinking a class in all High Schools around the country? We know it is not and this is critical for students to develop their thinking muscles for a better education.

We have been observing how politicians from both parties have shown more interest in using education to win elections than to educate kids. There is an inverse geometrical relationship between money invest and students learning abilities that it is increasing over the years. The more money government invest in education the less we see students with the capacity to analyze things. Bur we also see the teacher’s unions fighting for more benefits for the teachers. I am not against teachers making more money but to what level is a teacher more interested in making a living than to teach. However, I don’t blame he teachers because they are required to follow the curriculum. Eventually the blame falls over the Department of Education and the politicians that fund them and choose what it is to be taught in public schools.

If we continue depending on public education we are going to continue having the same problem. We have to divorce education from government. Education should be a private matter. There is nothing in the Constitution about the Federal Government funding Public Education. If education is privatized then we will eliminate the government monopoly over education. Instead we are going to have competition and competition will allow the best minds to bring forward a better and more excellent education. 

 What we are probably worrying now is about the poor not being able to be educated if we choose privatization of education. However, education shouldn’t be that expensive. Anybody can self-educate him/ herself and today even more with the Internet at the reach of anybody. What needs to be changed is the way we give out credentials. Not because we can show credentials means we are really educated. I know we can come up with a system to give out credentials and could be accepted by businesses that hire people and other institutions. If all we need to know is how much educated a person is, we can have a test or tests prepared by certain private institutions In order to measure the level of education a person have. It will not be about a person going through schools but not schools going through a person anymore. To explain this better, a person can show that he/she finished college education without really being an educated person. 

By allowing competition in education, not only you get the best education but also prices will go down and poor people could afford it. Parents could educate their own children and have them take a test already prepared by other private institutions to see how much progress a kid had achieved. As the kid grow older he/she can self-educate him/her self and then also take a test. This type of education will take the load and the burden from tax paying individuals. Billions of dollars, if not trillions could be saved from the public. The Federal Government would then stop printing money which the same as borrowing money and keep adding to the Federal debt.