Thesis Papers for Sale and other Plagiarism Tricks that will Shock you

There are an increasing number of sites on the internet that are offering to assist students with their thesis papers. Many of these companies offer a custom essay service where, in return for an appropriate fee, they will provide the student with a paper that is specifically designed and written to achieve the standard that has been requested, which can be from coursework to PHD level.

There has been a great deal of debate about this type of service, both in the US and the UK. Those who are against it say that it is plagiarism and that these sites should be closed down. The site operators say that the students are told not to use the thesis they receive for submission purposes, and they argue that student’s do not do this. However, there are two key arguments for the latter not being the case.

Firstly, if the students do not use and submit the thesis as their own work, why is there a proliferation of students asking for thesis to be tailor-written for them? Secondly, why would student’s be prepared to pay hundred’s of dollars for work they cannot use directly. Finally, if the thesis are only meant to be used for example purposes, why are the students given the opportunity to ask for revisions and amendments?

Similarly, there have been cases when the deadline for the completion of the thesis is, say the 30th August, because the thesis the student needs to be handed into the lecturer on the 1st September. How is it possible for the student to rewrite a 15,000 word thesis in two days or less?

Based upon the forgoing, it is apparent that these “paid for” thesis are being used by the students as their own work. In reality, from a review of the website offerings, there is little attempt to disguise this.

Other forms of plagiarism? The most obvious is to copy another person’s work. Quite a number of students will do this. There are even some students who have invested in plagiarism software. What they do is take all another student’s research, make a cursory attempt at re-wording it, then pass it through the software. They will keep doing this until the software tells them that the work is of an acceptable plagiarism free level.

There is no doubt that students who pass of other work as their own by purchasing the thesis they require are guilty of cheating. In essence, however, there are only two people who suffer as a result of this action. The first of these is the student. In this instance, the student gains a qualification that they have not put any effort into securing, which devalues the achievement. Secondly, it has an adverse impact upon potential future employers. A significant level of reliance is placed upon the qualifications of young employees during recruitment. Where these qualifications have not be gained through the individual’s own efforts, it means that their skills and competences may not be at a level that the qualification indicates.