Things you wish you or your Children never Learned in High School

I attended high school on the poor side of town. I learned many of things that I didn’t want to learn.
I learned that student-teacher relationships often go too far, and sometimes result in an unwanted child. What’s worse is that the Teacher said it wasn’t his child.
I learned that if you want to buy drugs in school, ask the person behind you, in front of you, next to you, possibly even the teacher. If you feel bold, ask the principal. He will sell you anything if you sleep with him, and you will also get a letter of recommendation to the college of your choice.
I wish I never learned that if you gained a little weight over vacation, everyone will think you got “knocked up” and your so-called friends don’t want to be seen with the pregnant girl.
I wish I never learned to fear the people you have known since elementary. The same kids you shared your blanket with at nap-time and played tag with, are these thugs who tattooed and carry guns with them in case “something goes down”.
I learned that if you don’t want to attend school on any particular day, don’t. It’s as easy as walking out the front door, and going to the bus stop where there will be at least 3 other students, who all decided to ditch class, just like you.
I learned that people you trust and love will turn their back on you if they meet more interesting people. They will even spread rumors about you that stem from the truth to impress their new, interesting friends.
I learned how to react in a hostage situation, how to go through lock down drills, what to do if someone pulls a gun on you, and how to get away from a kidnapper. Self-defense was a class able to be taken instead of gym class so that we can be in the know.
I learned that when you make bad choices, it ruins the rest of your life. I had 3 friends get pregnant in high school, 1 was pregnant her freshman year, the other 2, it was their senior year. The freshman dropped out of high school because the father refused it as his and she had to work full-time to barely make it. The other 2 dropped out and only 1 of them went back to school, none of them made it college, but they were the kids who tutored me when I had no idea what was going on.
Last, I learned that even the most encouraging teacher can give up on you, because of the bad choices you make.