Time Management for Students

There are no set of rules for time management that every person can depend upon. It’s different for every person. A set schedule and planner could be useful for one person but not for the other.

Personally, I find planner’s to be over-rated. I prefer writing things down on random scraps of folded paper. That is what works for me. It really depends on the type of person that you are.

Let’s face it, organization is not for everyone. For some people dysfunctional spaces work better. I could never get a full nights sleep if my room was clean, especially the day before a test. When I study, I’ll have music blasting, clothing everywhere and stuff all over my bed. This sense of disorder helps me to be comfortable and you must be comfortable if you intend to study for something important.

Finding time to study is another hardship we, teenagers, face. With work, sports, community service, friends and family, there is simply not enough time to do homework. Which is why I have a master-plan to get me through the day- multitask.

By multitasking I have plenty of time left over. I do my chemistry homework during math, English during chemistry, French during lunch, and math during art which leaves me with the rest of the day to do all that other stuff. Well, finishing your homework before school ends probably won’t work for everyone. I must admit, it does become hard sometimes. But that is what caffeine is for!