Time Management Tips for Highschoolers

High school is not just about homework and academics; however, many teachers seem to believe that their class is the only class students attend. The number of essays, readings and miscellaneous assignments can be staggering for a student that does not manage his or her time well. And though academics are extremely important and homework is beneficial in the long run, life can get stressful for many high schoolers.

Balancing work, school, extra-curriculars, and, hopefully, dates with cute classmates is a difficult task, it is far from impossible! With a bit of effort and concentration, managing time efficiently can become second nature to conscientious students, and proper time management skills can lead to more leisure time and higher quality work in high school.

Stay away from Facebook! (Or other social networking sites)…

This is not to say that you should not have a Facebook account; this social network can be a useful tool for organizing group projects, planning events or simply communicating with friends and acquaintances. Facebook, however, is a time-waster, and it steals hours and hours right out from under productive students’ noses. It vastly facilitates procrastination, and it is important to be wary of this siren’s song. Be sure to focus on homework when it is time to work and limit time wasted on Facebook.

Designate a homework area.

We have places in our home designated for specific purposes. There is a place for eating, a place for sleeping, a place for showering, and, in many cases, a place for playing video games. Why should we not also have a place for doing homework? The area should have few distractions, and it should be a place tailored to your particular studying needs. If you enjoy loud music, bring a stereo. If you need complete silence, wear some earmuffs. (Or earplugs – either will work). If you like to eat chocolate-covered pretzels dipped in strawberry milk, so be it. Set it up for yourself so that you will be the most productive; this workspace creation is completely subjective.

Do homework every single weeknight.

Even if you do not have an assignment due the next day, find something to do. Work ahead of time, and don’t wait until the last minute. On every weekday night, do at least one hour of homework. If there is nothing due the next morning, start working on the term paper. There are two benefits to this: first, you will never find yourself finishing a science project at 3 a.m. on a Monday, and secondly, you will get into the habit of working consistently. This skill is extraordinarily valuable in high school and in life.