Tips for Overcoming Procrastination as a High School Student

Even as a freshman in high school it is easy to get in the habit of not starting on home work until the last minute. No one likes every subject they are learning and by senior year it is easy to get the dreaded “senioritis”, in other words you don’t want to do anything. However there are many ways to help yourself actually get things done.

One of the hardest parts about assignments and projects is that you usually think, “why on earth do I have to do this!”, so try to find a way to reward yourself after every assignment. Either get a candy bar you’ve been craving, watch a favorite show, play a game or tell yourself if you get everything done today you’re going to buy that one thing you’ve been wanting for so long or whatever you can find to reward yourself for each assignment done. Then you will have a reason to do it besides just getting a grade.

Next do whatever homework or project you like the least first. Hate math but English isn’t so bad? Do the math first. It gets the worst over and if you want a break after this it shouldn’t be as hard to start back up once the worst is over.

After school you don’t necessarily have to start right up on your homework, take a short break, grab a snack, get something to drink, then get busy. Sometimes it helps to concentrate if you play music and have a snack. If you have something that can help you get in the mood to do homework it helps. TV sometimes has help, but more often distracts. Music is better because of the sound and a beat to even bob your head with, but there is nothing for you to look at. Also sometimes having a friend over to work on homework together helps, as you can talk, ask questions about what they’re doing and they may even help with a problem. Also if you are both working you don’t feel like you necessarily have better things to do. This is especially helpful if you have an overacheiver friend who always does their homework, as they keep you on track.

If you have a long period of time to do an assignment work part of it every day. If you wait to long you may not get it done or may rush and get a bad grade. Sometimes it even helps to write a list of all assignments and cross them off as you get them done, that way you can see your progress.

Hopefully some of these tips will help you be less of a procrastinator. Just be careful because if you get in the habit of procrastinating in highschool, it gets worse in college and you don’t have a parent to nag at you to do it. Slipping into this habit in college can really cost you and effect your ability to get a job later on. Just remember it won’t be much longer till you are all done with high school. It goes fast and so enjoy it, but do your homework.