Tips on how to Build School Spirit

 “Rah, Rah, Shishboomba!”

School spirit is not only about cheerleaders and school colors; it’s about becoming a united front when it comes to school and the education process. School spirit can be developed a number of ways including spirit theme days and fun activities. School spirit is not only meant for students, but also for parents, school teachers, administrators and even the townspeople. In order to build school spirit, consider trying some of the following ideas.

Spirit days

Spirit days are a fun way for the entire school to get together and celebrate their school spirit. These days can vary between varieties of themes.  These theme days can be exciting and cause students to have more school spirit. School spirit days can be any of the following; sports day, stars and stripes day, beach day, music day, wacky hair day, and even school colors day. A lot of students would also enjoy doing pajama day! Who wouldn’t want to go to class in their pajamas and slippers?

To make the spirit days even more fun consider getting everyone who dressed up in their swag together and taking a group picture. This picture can then be placed on a bulletin board outside of the school’s office or placed inside the homeroom if there are only a few classrooms at the campus.

Hall decorating contest

Another fun and exciting way to add more school spirit within students is by holding a hall decorating contest. This is a great way for kids of all ages to get excited about their grade and show school spirit. They can decorate using streamers, posters, banners, and even pictures of their class members. Be creative when making signs for each class. Provide glitter, paint, markers, and as much banner paper as possible for the students who want to participate.

Another way to do this is to pin posters around the campus in order to let people know about the decorating contest. Also during morning announcements let kids know exactly where and when the event will be taking place. Teachers, students and coaches might be surprised at just how many people come to help.

Holiday decorating committee

Most schools have a student council committee that will take care of these things but why not involve the entire student body in decorating for the holidays. There are main holidays that a lot of people love to celebrate. For example, there could be a decorating committee for Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and of course Homecoming week (though it’s not a holiday in the Federal sense, it is a holiday to students everywhere.  

Homecoming is another way to get school spirit going and keeping it strong. Homecoming is a designated day that is specifically for the school itself. Most always around a school’s first home football game there is often a Homecoming Dance that takes place also. All of the above spirit day ideas are a wonderful way to get Homecoming week kicked off and get school spirit aroused.

Students need to feel that they can be proud of their school without it being lame to other students. A very easy and important way to start this is by involving everyone. This means teachers, parents, students, and community members. If the school has a mascot, or a school Letterman letter, get a replica made in sticker form. These can be handed out to every student to put on their lockers, cars, or even their binders.

Students everywhere can benefit from school spirit improvements. It’s all about getting a school together and boosting school spirit and bringing everyone together. Get started today and get everybody in gear and ready to show their school spirit.