Tips on Studying for High School Biology Tests

Biology is the study of life itself. There is a lot to learn and it can be very overwhelming for your average high school student. However, here are a few studying tips that can help. 

Organize your study material

Make sure that you know exactly what you must study. Do not be tempted to spot (skip information) and be sure to cover everything that you should. Break the work into manageable mini tasks in order to simplify it for yourself. 

Revise actively

Actively engage with the information, you are not confined to merely reading it. You don’t have to make a You-tube video about the information but you certainly could record yourself explaining something, writing up points on a poster or creating keyword cards. Highlight or underline the important points. Read aloud, even sing it or create animated images to relate to. You are only limited by your imagination here.

Use mnemonics

Because the subject of biology has a lot of information, mnemonics are especially helpful. A mnemonic or mnemonic device is any learning technique that aids memory. These devices come in various forms like rhymes and acronyms which you will make up yourself. There is a mnemonic technique that is particularly effective – it includes using the initial letters of a phrase. It is helpful for memorizing lists or functions.

Concept maps

It is most important that you understand. Do not memorize without understanding. Multi-sense the information: see it, say it, do it. Concept maps work magic, simplify the information by creating a map with key words and images. Use color and animation. It must be able to tell a story that makes sense. In addition you can make a summary diagram, a point form summary or tables. Mind maps are a personal favorite. 

Know the terms and conditions

This may sound obvious but it trips up many individuals. Know the formulae, the equations, the elements and the compounds that they create. When you are requested to: define, describe, compare, contrast, discuss or explain – do exactly that and nothing else! There is a difference between a definition and a description. Be specific and relevant and you’re A+ could be just around the corner.

Create a positive study place

Manage your time and space effectively. Possibly work with classmates if you are able to do that. If you are a solo player, rather do that, play to your strengths.

Be careful of the following as it can make you forget: poor understanding, poor attention, distractions, tiredness, stress, lack of practice and revision.

You must understand! See if you can get your hands on old tests from past years. Even if you only use one technique as suggested above, you will be okay. It must, however, suit your needs and then it will help you when studying for any biology test.