Top Back to School Websites for Teachers

When school is approaching, teachers look for top back-to-school websites to help them in creating fun ways to welcome back their students and to get great ideas to aid them. These web sites are great for teachers especially in grades kindergarten through the fifth.   

These web sites can give them ideas on how to ease kids back into the routine of school and how to handle open houses. There are many web sites that offer ideas, and activities, and even worksheets that are printable.

Here is a list of top sites that are very helpful for teachers to use.

This web site has a lot to do with welcoming the kids back to school. There are activities, bulletin board ideas, crafts, creative ideas for new kids, and fun songs to learn. They also have some feedback from other teachers regarding things they do to welcome kids back each year.

This fun site helps teachers learn fun new games. This is for younger children that are in school. They have many games that include: banana pass, blanket wall game, follow the leader, sardines, straws, and telephone charades. There are team building activities as well.

This website is a great one for teachers at the first of their school year. On this web site teachers can download and print items like awards, assessments, bulletin board resources, calendars, flyers, organizational things for the classroom and posters. They also have back to school templates to use.

This website has many pages that can be printed off for various different projects, and back to school bulletin board ideas and great ideas to use at conference times.

This is a great site for teachers to use. They can actually talk with other teachers about their teaching methods. Topics range from classroom discipline, classroom humor, classroom pets, crafts, current events, fundraising, health issues, languages and technical issues. There are articles that the teachers can check out, blogs for them to read and there is live chat.

This site is for kindergarten teachers and for parents as well. They have games and you can read and listen to stories, and worksheets to do. They encourage creativity and promote positive values for your children.       

Sites like these are very helpful for our teachers. It is great they are set up with all the wonderful methods they have to offer. Teachers being able to talk to other teachers about what works is a great benefit, as well. Finding something that will ease our children back into the routine of being back to school, and makes it fun and exciting for them, is worth it.