UK Education Media Critiques of a Levels and Gcses Hurts Students

No. As a student that took her GCSE examinations just months ago, I know that this process is wrong. I think that the media has no idea just how much pressure is being put on sixteen to eighteen year olds, not just by the media but by teachers and parents also. If we do badly in exams, it is because we are becoming more stupid’, if we do well it is because the exams are getting easier.

It is so frustrating for a student who has spent innumerable hours on both revision and coursework (which, you guessed it; we must be cheating at because we are getting better marks) to get to results day only to hear that the exams are getting easier. In my case, I had to take over sixteen exams (all of which were an hour or more in length) over a three week period, and by the end I was both physically and mentally exhausted.

This fixation that the media has of undermining all the hard work of students across the country is so unbelievably demoralising, if a student has put in all this hard work, it is only fair that they are allowed to feel satisfied by their results. Alongside this, I fail to understand how reporters can tell just by looking at figures that the process of sitting exams is getting easier. I admit that teaching methods may have changed. I am well aware that teachers now tend to educate their pupils to jump through hoops’ for the examiners, rather than to give them a more rounded look at a subject, but is this not because of the emphasis that is made by institutions over league tables?

This does not mean that exams are getting easier, only that the way that students are assessed is changing. If this is so, then why must the media make students feel that all of their troubles have been for nothing! The media seem fascinated by the failures of youth, and if we are not academically failing, then they will try to make the country believe that there is a reason for this. All students should be allowed to feel proud of their results don’t let the media take this away from you.