Underfunded and Overcrowded Public Schools

I went to an overcrowded and underfunded school and remember the hardships that I faced. The school was so old the the roof leaked when it rained hard and we had to put buckets in the hallways to gather the rain. Our book were outdated and falling apart. We didn’t have any computers and some of the rooms were never intended to hold classes. Some rooms don’t even have any windows. At the beginning of the school year the school is so full of students that some people have to stand in most classes and share a book with someone. They didn’t get any students in trouble until the day they do the head count for funding. After that they start kicking kids out of school left and right. It is no wonder so many kids at this school didn’t see themselves going anywhere in life. Because the schools can not afford to pay much, they do not always get the most trained and experienced teachers or administrators. We had repeated scandals with administrators sleeping with students. One year we had a new principal and later that same year we had to fire him because he was messing with the students. After he was let go someone had the idea to call the last school he was at and ask about him. Turns out the last school let him go for the same reason. I think they should have checked his references before they hired him. So the school I went to had a thousand freshmen and under two hundred seniors. That means most all the students dropped out or had to get there education at a different school. A lot of them went to private schools or maybe said they lived at a relatives house in the suburbs. At the same time that we had rain dripping in our classrooms and kids without desks or books, the schools in the rich suburban areas just built new pools and stadiums and state of the are computer labs. The disproportion of wealth was obvious and negatively effects the children in the often ignored poorer school districts. Children become stigmatized by the poor conditions. They structure there view of themselves and where they lie on the matrix of stratification. They are less likely to view themselves as becoming doctors or lawyers for instance and look to things like nursing, construction, or auto mechanics. This is because they feel they can’t get the scholarships and need something that will start paying soon. Many kids even drop out so they can start working a job right away.