Understand Trends in School Violence among Teens

Violence in teens has been going on for decades. It is just recently that we are seeing a more alarming form of it. Teens are no longer fighting they are killing each other! Violence is growing because teens no longer fear that their actions will bring about any consequences. The law system will no longer allow even mommy or daddy to discipline their child much less a teacher at school. Children are living in an age where they have no respect, no discipline, and the mind set that they can simply do as they please.

Parents are also playing a role in this increase in teen violence. In today’s economy both parent’s need a job in order to support the family. Mom and dad no longer have the time they need to dedicate to see that their children are doing what they are supposed to be doing. If the school should call they immediately put their child as being a victim and on the defensive they begin to deny and make excuses for their child’s actions. When the child comes to either parent with the problem of a bully the parents are too busy to sit down with the child and work out a solution so they reply next time Johnny picks on you punch him right in the nose then next time he will think twice before picking on you. Yes, it is true we are teaching our children to be violent with remarks such as these.

Violence in the last few years has escalated not only to fist fights in the gym or hallways but to the use of weapons such as knives and guns. This is what it has taken to make us realize that we have a problem on our hands. Children are no longer going home crying with black eyes they are being rushed to the hospital in hopes of survival. We must do something to get a handle back on our children!

We as parents need to take time to listen to our children. When our child has a problem we need to take time from what ever we have to so that we can make sure they get the help they need to solve it in a nonviolent manner. We need to teach our kids respect for themselves as well as respect for others. We need to have the ability to discipline our children. Disciplining a child is not the same thing as beating a child. Children need to learn respect but they also need to learn their actions are not going to go without punishment. Parents need to find the time to attend school functions such as PTAs and school meetings.

Teachers need to make sure that parents know of any problems their child is having at school or any violent actions they have been involved in. Teachers are no longer allowed to discipline children so the only option they have to battle this problem is to show the child they care for them and to alert the child’s parents to the problem. Sometimes violent teens simply need to hear someone say hey I care about you and you are heading in the wrong direction with your life.

Violent behavior is not a new trend that has arisen out of the blue for teens it has simply escalated to a more deadly form. Teens know no fear and feel that recourse for their actions will be a slap on the wrist whether they are blacking an eye or pulling the trigger on a loaded gun. We cannot continue on this path risking the lives of our children. Society must join together to allow these children discipline. Teens must learn that their actions are not going to result in just a petty suspension from school. Pointing fingers and blaming others is getting us nowhere. We all must actively play our part to ensure a safe future for our children.