Us Taxes Funding Creationism Science Education

Creationism is simply incorrect.

The world is not less than 3000 years old, the earth did not form in 7 days, nor did the sun, the moon, or the stars, man and dinosaurs did not coexist at the same time, the first human female was not created from the rib of a man, and men evolved from apes. Its true, i read it on the back of a cereal box. (Imagine the controversy! Kellogg’s cereal brainwashes children, news at 11!)

There is a natural tendency for human beings to believe what they would prefer to believe, rather than what they know to be true. This benefits us in some ways, but for the most part, this behavior acts to our detriment. This is true of so-called “rational” minds as well, as idealists constantly struggle to remake the world in their own image without any thought as to whether it is truly possible.

School is meant to educate us in the ways of the world, and while it is noble, in a naive way, to try and hold onto our traditions, it is simply a lost cause. Religious schools can hold out as long as they please, but in the end, reason will triumph over ignorance. And I have more than just an idealist’s hope that will come to pass, as well, because the rest of the world is adapting very quickly to this idea of evolution, and even here in the United States, public schools have almost completely stamped out the shadow of creationism, and it is what it should be, a myth.

What we should be considering, is not whether the church has the right to force public schools to teach creationism, but does the government have the right to force private schools to teach evolution. That, I think, is an interesting debate, and an idea that holds some merit. I believe that if you use vaccinations, or anti-biotics, you have waived your right to deny your child a rudimentary education in the theory of evolution. Now I’m not talking about booting the Amish off their land and forcing them to stop selling refuse to tourists, but if you want your child to go to school in America, that child should be educated properly, without any addendums hinting that evolution is “just a theory” or that it should be taught side by side with “intelligent design”, which, by the way, is a very misleading ruse that means the exact same thing as “teaching creationism in schools”.

One last thought on intelligent design. I believe that there is some pattern to the universe, and that there is some sort of benevolent force in the galaxy that does from time to time take a hand in temporal affairs. It leads me to believe that evolution is not in any way random or without purpose, and that survival of the fittest is a nihlistic spin on a process that is inherently organized with a clear bias towards order and cooperation among species. Just think, how could a single celled organism that reproduces by cloning itself have ever evolved into a being with billions of cells, working in unison, without some divine hand in the whole matter? There are those who probably disagree with my sentiment, but I think the principle is sound: Darwinian Evolution does not contradict man’s notions of divinity, it verifies them.