Ways to Avoid last Minute Cramming

It’s the night before the big exam and you are regretful that you didn’t start studying days in advance. Don’t let this happen to you again by avoiding last-minute, late-night cramming. While some people may believe that this is a great alternative to studying periodically on a daily basis, you will hardly learn anything and you have a greater chance of doing worse on the test. Here are some ways to avoid this from happening to you.

Daily studying

Students are often told to study their notes and readings for each class for at least thirty minutes every day. Doing this at night, right before bedtime, is a good idea too because the ideas will hopefully stay in one’s memory much better. Yet, many students avoid doing this because they would rather wait one or two days or even the night before the test to actually start studying. Procrastination is a big plague amongst students of all ages, and it is one that is the biggest obstacle to attaining a high grade on an exam or on any schoolwork. With that said, try to study your notes every night. Whether it takes you a few minutes or half an hour, you will rest knowing that you will have a better chance at getting a good grade.

Divide studying time

Sometimes, students have trouble fitting all of their study times together. They feel like they have to study more for one subject and so they leave out some of the others. Instead of this frantic studying, students need to learn how to organize and manage their study times so that they can study for all their classes. For example, if you have four tests coming up, you may want to spend 1 hour each day studying for each subject, or you can study two subjects one day and two subjects the next day.

Interact with other students

Start a study group with your classmates. Talk to your teacher often and let him or her know of any questions that you may have days in advance of the test. Don’t be afraid to ask your teacher about the topics that will be on the test. The better prepared you are for it, the better off you will be. Prepare material for your study group beforehand, so that you have an agenda in mind. In many cases, study groups end up being casual get-togethers where very little studying is done. Don’t let this happen to you; let this be a time of productivity and learning.

As you can see, the best way to avoid last-minute cramming before a test is to study for it and the topics on it daily. This way, your brain is accustomed to the information and is better able to absorb it.