Ways to De Stress before a Test

Tests can cause a lot of unnecessary stress which in turn causes poor performance which negatively affects the grade. When it comes time to take a test the best way to improve the chances of getting a good grade is to reduce as much of the stress as possible.

Study frequently

When a student fully grasps the subject of the test there is no reason for stress. True understanding is different than memorization. The only way to truly learn a subject is to study it repeatedly in the days or weeks leading up to the test rather than trying to cram it all in at the last minute.

Get enough sleep

A tired mind is a stressed mind. Get the full recommended eight hours of sleep the night before the test if at all possible.


It isn’t called the most important meal of the day for nothing. Eating a good breakfast before facing the day prevents hunger from becoming a distraction. The body’s main instinct is to provide for its basic needs first, one of which is nourishment. Skipping meals causes it sends out messages in the form of a growling stomach to remind the conscious mind of that need. Concentrating past that noise and discomfort is difficult enough when doing nothing, while trying to focus on a stressful situation it amplifies the stress making it that much harder to focus.


Writing down feelings is one of the best ways of dealing with them. Often seeing the worries listed on paper shows the writer just how insignificant the thing really is. Journaling give an insight into the persons own emotions often calming them in the process. It is a wonderful tool for anyone dealing with a situation in which they are uncomfortable.


Meditating relaxes both the body and the mind. Anyone can learn to meditate but becoming good enough to meditate anywhere and anytime takes practice.


A ten or fifteen minute walk in the fresh air may be enough to clear the students mind enough for them to take the test with a much cooler head than they would have been able to do otherwise.


A good book can take a person outside their life and give them a break from focusing so hard on what is stressing them out. Reading for as little as five minutes can have the desired result. The only requirement for reading to help is to devote full attention to the story for whatever amount of time the student has free.

Talk to the teacher

If the test is the only thing causing the stress talking to the person giving it could help since most teachers will tell the student how difficult the test is, what material it covered, and how much it will effect their overall grade.

It’s not the end of the world. No matter how it may seem that way. Even the worst thing that could possibly happen over a bad grade won’t cause the entire world to end. It may put behind plans, it may cause the student to change their path all together but the world will continue to spin no matter how it works out today. Accepting this basic fact will save a lot of pain and heartache. Things don’t always go the way the student would like but there is always next time, and if this is the last test, there is always next year. Getting so worked up over one test that the bigger picture is lost doesn’t help anyone. Take a deep breath and try a few of the ideas mentioned. It just might help and if it doesn’t help it at least killed a few minutes.