Ways to Save Time Studying for Final Exams

Final exam is a tough ask for any college student. Unlike the many assignments, final exam covers almost all the syllabus in that particular subject. It can be hard for any student to keep everything memorized and to answer all the questions within a given period of time.  The preparation period for a final exam remains small, in comparison to the wide set of notes and papers to be covered within that time.

While preparing to the final exam, you need to have a solid plan. The plan must focus on gathering as much knowledge as possible within a short period of time. In other words, preparing for the final exam means that you have to utilize your time in the most productive manner. Here are some guidelines on how to save your time from being wasted.

1) See from which areas you get most questions

First of all get the passed papers and study them. See what kind of questions has been there is the past. You will not get the same questions, but it’s more likely that you’ll get a paper with the same pattern. And also look at the topic of each question. The topics with most questions are the most important parts you have to study. When you make a study plan, make sure you allocate more time for these areas.

2) Use multiple choice questions

You can use multiple choice questions from previous years as a mean of studying. Get each stem of the multiple choice question and try to find it in your text books or notes. Once you found it, underline it or highlight it. You can later go through them as you get closer to the exam. This is a good way to memorize those tiny details that you can easily miss if you were to read whole chapters at times.

3) Write practice essays

Before you sit for the exam, make sure you have written at least a few practice essays. These may not be the same essays you’ll get in the exam, but once you write them, it’ll be easy for you to organize your answer at the exam. Always try to write every possible detail in these answers. That way, you’ll remember at least most of it once you face the real paper.

4) Find your own way of studying

Different people have different ways of studying. Try to understand your strong points and weak points. You may be good at making notes or making diagrams or flow charts. If so, use them to study. Others can simply read through large paragraphs in a short period of time. Some like to get the entire picture and write that in their own words. Use the best method that suits you.

5) Get enough sleep

One grave mistake many students make as they get closer to the final exam is not getting enough sleep. You need to sleep at least five to six hours during each night, in order to score well in the exam. It will help you to concentrate more during the day time. The mind needs to have a rest to memorize the things you learn, so give it enough rest by sleeping in the night. And don’t study for a long period of time on one sitting. Take regular breaks. This will make your study more effective.

6) Clear the areas you don’t understand

As you go through your studies, you may come across certain areas that you don’t understand well. First try to understand it all by yourself, as things you learn on your own tends to retain in your memory for long periods. If you cannot understand, always get the things clarified from a friend or even better if you can contact your teacher responsible for that topic.

7) Make a study group

Some people find it difficult to study alone. If you’re one such person, get yourself into a study group. Make sure that the group is made up of students with equal knowledge and abilities. If you join a group with very knowledgeable students you’ll get depressed easily. And on the other hand, if the others have far less knowledge, it’ll be a waste of your time studying with them.

Studying for a final exam is a hard task. It’s associated with a lot of stress. The best option is to start studying as early as possible. If you follow a good plan and if you know your strong and weak points, it’s never an impossible task to achieve as well. Find the best method that suits you and stick with it; you can easily get through your exams.