What a Pregnant Teen needs to know

You may not be thinking about your future a lot right now. However, if you are a pregnant teen it is time to start thinking about it. If you plan to raise your baby you will need a job where you can make a decent living. Finishing high school can make a big difference in your future.

School can be difficult when you become pregnant. It’s not always easy to deal with the comments that you receive from your peers. Think of it this way, would you rather deal with nasty comments and have a chance at a better future or would you rather make your life more difficult for many years to come by dropping out. Yes, dropping out of school will make your life easier while you are pregnant, but you have to think about after school. Look into the future, not only your present.

Children are very expensive. First you have diapers and formula (if you aren’t breast feeding). Then you throw in how rapidly they grow in the first year. At least every three months the baby will need bigger clothes. If you haven’t noticed yet, you will, clothes are not cheap. Don’t forget that they need a crib and toys as well.

That is only the things they need in the first year of their lives. The older the child gets, the more expensive they become. Their toys and clothes both become more expensive. Especially once they are teenagers and want to wear name brand clothing. The price of raising your child skyrockets from the clothing alone. Kids, especially boys eat a lot of food. You will be amazed at just how much a little kid can eat. Don’t forget they will eventually turn 16 and want a car.

Once high school is over you have to worry about college. College is very expensive. You may get lucky and your child gets a scholarship, but do you really want to risk your child’s future on whether or not they get a scholarship?

If you have a high school diploma you can make at least two dollars more an hour. That can make a huge difference. Working in a fast food restaurant is not how you want to spend the rest of your life. Yes, it’s a job and many people don’t have the option of a better job because they didn’t finish high school. Do you want that for you and your child?

You may think that you can go back to school once your child is a little older. Then you have to worry about child care. Your family and friends might help you, but what if they don’t. It is your responsibility not your parents. Another thing to consider is that it gets harder to learn as you get older.

Think about what you have always wanted for your future. Most teenagers have high hopes for their future. Why would you give that up now? It should be even more important to you than ever before. Not only do you have your future to worry about now, but you also have your child’s. If you want the best possible future for your child then you need that diploma.

Your education can make a huge impact on where you are in five or ten years from now. Don’t lose sight of your future because you are pregnant. Make sure your child has the brightest possible solution. Stay in school and get your high school diploma. You don’t want to look back in five years and wish you had done things differently.