What are the qualities of an effective teacher?

Teaching and how we raise the next generation of young people is such an important part of society. Given how complex the modern world has become, the importance of effective teaching can not be understated. However, to understand how to improve teaching, it is crucial that the qualities of an effective teacher are identified to ensure there is a clear understanding of what a teacher should strive to be. These qualities are listed below:

Communication skills

Communication skills are crucial and are one of the most important qualities of an effective teacher. In order to be effective, a teacher must be able to communicate ideas well to her students so they understand what is being taught. A poor communicator would make for a very bad teacher on this basis.

Patience and flexibility

According to the Chicago Tribune, being flexible and patient are critical skills for a teacher to have. They say in their article, “5 traits of effective teachers,” that “interruptions and disruptions are the norm and very few days are “typical.” Therefore, a flexible and patient attitude is important not only for your stress level but also for your students who expect you to be in charge and take control of any situation.” Considering that there are so many different types of students with different needs, it makes sense that being patient would be among the qualities of an effective teacher.

Positive attitude or enthusiasm

Having a positive or enthusiastic attitude is a quality that can make a teacher stand out from the crowd. According to Stanford University, this is a key area of importance. They discuss how a teacher with a positive attitude who appears to enjoy teaching will be more effective as a teacher which is crucial.

Interpersonal skills

It makes sense that a good teacher would have good interpersonal skills. This makes sense since a key thing that teachers do is tailor their lessons to the students in their classroom, their personalities and skill level. Someone with bad interpersonal skills would do a less effective job understanding the needs of the various students in the class and would be less effective as a result.

Subject matter proficiency

Although expertise is not required, a teacher should have some proficiency in the subject they are teaching to be effective. If not, the teacher will not have credibility with the students and be able to address their questions and explain the content.

As you can see, there are so many qualities that are relevant to whether a teacher is effective or not. There is an endless list of the various things teachers can do to make themselves more effective as teachers in their classrooms. This list provides merely a starting point for the most obvious and critical skills that any good teacher should possess.