What do Colleges and Universities look for in High School Students

The application process is difficult enough, but if you are truly unprepared, then the task becomes an exercise in futility. When applying to schools for college, high school juniors and seniors need to be cognitively aware of many academic aspects. The thoughts of college applications should arise once you begin high school, and your focus should be steadfast and unwavering.

College admission is not guaranteed to anyone, and the sooner that is realized, the better. Prior to applying to schools, high school students should be focused primarily on meeting the requirements mandated for inclusion into those programs. From the time you enter high school, your choices of elective classes should reflect your ambitions and career goals. This seems unreasonable to a student in the ninth grade, but in fact it is a case of reality.

The choices that are made will ultimately hold water when it comes time to apply to college. During high school, students should not only be filling their timetable with a wide scope of classes, but they should be volunteering their time and effort at a multitude of locations. A resume is not just about your marks, because there will be many people with similar marks applying for the same few spots in college. You need to leap off of the page at the admissions personnel that are perusing the files. Selling yourself begins with academic results, but also takes into account extracurricular involvement and community service.

With all things being equal in some regards to those applying for programs at college, it is the student that has gone above and beyond the call of duty, and has exceeded expectations in all areas. Along the high school path, the student should also be networking and building a portfolio that can be helpful come time for post secondary application. A list of references, replete with letters of recommendation should be compiled as well. These will help sway the winds in your favour once your resume is read. By littering your resume with outside involvement, you will be recognized as a person that wants to succeed, and has the heart and desire to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals.

A thorough understanding of where you are heading is a necessity, and this is undergoing consistent shaping throughout the high school years. The transition from high school to college is not an easy one, and should not be taken lightly. With exhaustive research, and help from the guidance counsellor, you can figure out exactly what the trends have been in terms of grades and prerequisite courses for the past several years for each school that you are considering applying to when you have completed high school.

It is imperative for high school juniors and seniors to keep in mind that college is a whole new ball of wax. The big fish in a little pond is replaced by a number and a general feeling of indifference. Your name no longer carries the panache that it once did in high school, and your assignments may suddenly be poorly done, and not up to snuff. This can come as quite the shock to some students.

If you plan ahead well enough in advance, then applying to college can be a snap, but if you leave things to the last minute, and scramble to try and find a school that will accept you, then you will be severely hampering your career options and selling yourself far too short. Stand up for yourself, and be accountable to your future. Opportunity will not knock on your door, so you have to take the bull by the horns and make sure there are doors open for you once you arrive.