What High School Classes should be Mandatory

World Religion
Taking the next step from elementary school to high school requires for one to mature and grow intellectually and to mature into an independent young adult. Exercising your right to be yourself and making choices on your own are also both apart of the growing process. The decisions that students make have direct influences upon them and can sometimes change their lives completely. A world religion class would be very beneficial to students and I think that it should be mandatory for all students in high school.

A world religion class would enable one to learn different things about multiple religions instead of limiting their knowledge and only knowing the history of one. Many people I know only do and believe things that they are surrounded by and this can sometimes restrict them. If a child grows up with Christian parents, that child will most likely only believe the Christian ideas and beliefs.

With a world religion class students can learn about religions all over the world. At the end of the year they can have a better understanding of different and be able to choose one for themselves that they believe best fits into their life style or even choose no religion at all. Whatever the decision is, the students will have learned about many different religions and have a better understanding of them. The student will be able to make a wiser religion choice because they have acquired enough knowledge to make a decision instead of having had to “grow” into one.

Even though religion is a touchy subject that many people feel uncomfortable discussing, I think it would be beneficial. I am in no way implying that everyone should a have a religion but as teen I think that everyone should have a sense of morality and know the difference between what is wrong and what is right.

My morality and decisions that I make in my life are based upon the teachings of my chosen religion. We, as students and teachers, need to step out of our boundaries and discuss things that relate to people everyday. A world religion class would not only be beneficial for educational purposes but also for life changing decisions.