What High School Classes should be Mandatory

Mandatory Culture

When attending high school, students should take advantage of the free education they are given. Too often do students just skate on through the basic requirements without educating themselves about others. The more one can learn about other countries, places, or languages, the less ignorant and more appreciative they will be. Foreign language should be a requirement, not only as a means of communication, but also as a means of culture education.

I took French all four years of my high school career. I never expected to learn so much about France’s current events and social practices, and I think it was a very positive thing for my education. It made me realize how different two cultures can be and made me appreciate another point of view. I also took a stronger interest in local current events, as opposed to never really being interested in current events before.

I had the privilege of going to France, enabling me to use my acquired skills, which gave me a sense of pride and accomplishment. Even if the student doesn’t go though, they will still have that same sense of pride and power in their knowledge. All too often do we criticize a nation without knowing the real facts about that place. If a student is informed it will give them a better sense of political knowledge and give them a basis for their beliefs.

Foreign language classes are often regarded as pushover classes, which can be true the first couple of years, but they are also vital to a complete education. Foreign language classes allow students to learn another means of language and also introduce them to another culture. Most schools have at least two choices of languages, which gives the students the choice of which they think would be most interesting or useful in the future. If the student decides to pursue a language after two years, it could also serve them as a future career in international business, or as a teacher, among many other careers.

A foreign language education will provide another possibility for a career or can also just serve as a tool for introducing students to politics and current events in an interesting way. Whatever the student decides to do with their education is up to them, but it should be the school’s policy to culturally educate them.