What High School Electives should i Choose

The most fun part of high school is getting to finally choose some of your own classes. In elementary school you were basically herded around with the same kids, and required to learn the same stuff. In middle school it was basically more of the same, and you were expected to just take what they told you to take. In high school though, you are able to pick and choose a little bit. You might need to take a certain amount of credits, and take a few state required courses, but the path you take can be surprisingly flexible.

When you are trying to determine what electives that you should take, you should always keep in mind what interests you. Are you a humanities kind of person, or are you a science kind of person? Do you like the easier courses, or do you want to take the advanced courses, and get a leg up on college? There are a variety of courses that you can pick, and the goal is usually to get the student to graduate, and give them the chance to really push themselves if they want.

If you want some easier courses, it might be wise to take cupcakes like sociology, politics, or anything relating to public speaking. Usually those classes just ask you to remember a few phrases, and maybe write a paper or make a speech. In my mind, those classes weren’t just easy because I liked them, it was easy because the classes only required that you show up, and make some sort of effort in the class itself.

The cupcake classes can get boring though, and taking some AP credits can be a good thing. It teaches you how to think and prepare like a college student, and it can help you get credits for college. Putting in some work now can help you avoid some work once college starts. That can be a plus when you are senior in college and you can start working because you either graduate early, or you have a light workload toward the end.

Always keep in mind that school should be fun toward the end. Take your harder courses as a sophomore, or a junior. Keep the easier classes to your freshman and senior year. The first year should be an ease in year, and the last year shouldn’t be focused on papers and homework. That year should be focused on senior skip day, and hearing back from your choice college. No need to mess up the GPA with a bad grade in a class you don’t need.

All in all, just take what interests you, and what serves you the best going forward. Don’t be afraid to take something new, and see where that might lead you. Always ask your guidance counselor if need be, and make sure you take the classes you need to graduate. Other than that just have fun, and enjoy your first taste of choice in school.