What is High School all about

High school; a word used with pride and a word used with dread. High school is a major transition change for a majority of students entering into their freshman year.  Boyfriends break up with girlfriends, the low pressure of summer turns into high pressure, you meet new people, try out for new sports and so on.

What does this lead to? High school opens new doors, challenges you, and helps you determine what you want to do with your life. You are also getting ready to enter college and end those last four years of school, but I’m just getting started.  Next year, I enter my first year as a freshman, and I’ve heard stories of freshmen being trash canned, picked on, and bullied; that’s just the negative side though. The bright side is, you have more choices in non-academic classes, lunch food, and other courses.  I’m excited about all of it, because I’m about to do something new and something more challenging than middle school. It’s really important for students to do their best during their four years in high school, because this leads to achievements such as awards, scholarships, getting into good colleges etc.  I mean you can’t just be a CEO of a major business without experience and the knowledge, right?

Your freshman through sophomore years you can take honors classes. These are classes that are a bit more advanced than the regular classes. You can choose to take these if you are put into an honor’s class.

When you enter into your junior and senior years, you can take classes to prepare you for college such as AP calculus or AP literature. The term, “AP” stands for “advanced placement.” These are programs that offer college leveled courses for what you want to take. They would look good on a college application and it helps you understand a bit more about what you’d be learning in college. A few days ago, I just learned about what a GPA is; a grade point average is the average from all your academic terms in one year, or sometimes may refer to one term. If I wanted to be accepted into the college I wanted to attend, I’m guessing I would need a 3.0 GPA or higher. It’s not so bad if you keep your mind focused.

High school isn’t like entering another year of middle school or elementary school; it’s more confusing, fast-paced, and harder than you would expect. There are many benefits and events in high school, and that’s the fun part. High school has a great deal of negativity in it, but if you learn to tune it out, you’ll survive those years.