What is in a School Report

A school report is the traditional way that teachers let parents know how their child is doing in school. This information comes in a variety of different formats, such as written and numerical. It is usually presented to the parents on a yearly basis with interim reports often delivered on a termly basis. Here is an overview of what a good school report should include.

Examination results

If a student has completed any end of year or term assessments then the results of these should be displayed her. These may come as a grade, a mark or as a percentage. Often, to put this into perspective, further information is supplied about the topics covered in the exam and figures that show the averages achieved and what is considered to be a high or low score.

Academic information

This usually includes the teachers assessments on the student’s overall academic progress in each subject. Average grades for continuous assessments may be included as will a summary of the teacher’s view of the student’s capabilities in this subject area. They will highlight the student’s strengths and point out areas of weakness that they feel a student can improve on.


One important statistic that is often included in a school report is the student’s attendance. This will show whether the student’s attendance is good, acceptable or below average and needs improvement. Knowing your child’s attendance is important as having good attendance is vital to a child achieving their full potential in school, accessing the curriculum fully and gaining the most out of their learning opportunities.

Further comments

In this section of the report the teacher will often summarize the rest of the report. It is also an are for them to let parents know of any concerns that they have, how the child is getting along socially in school and if their child is doing well in any extra-curricular activities.

Response section

This part of the report is usually removable. It allows parents to acknowledge receipt of the report and to give feedback to the teachers with any comments they have to make about their child’s progress as it is outlined in the school report.


A school report is an important document that is used as a form of correspondence between the teacher and the parents to let the parents know about their child’s overall performance and progress in school. Although the layout of school reports varies from one school to the next, the information will usually include all of the aforementioned pieces of information.