What is the Impact of Bullying Behavior

Bullying behavior is reinforced by the feeling of dominance, it is also a way of seeking attention. Bullying has an impact on the mental state of the victim in the short term and the long term.

In the short term, the victim has to decide how he will confront his situation, and in the long term his decision in the past will be reinforced and he will continue to behave in a similar manner.

In school who is more popular and dominant, the victim or the bully? Of course it’s the bully and other children will follow his lead even though it is wrong. Since everyone follows the bully the victim tends to shy away from the crowd. This is why victims don’t like social events, they try to avoid a similar situation even thou there may not be any threat around. Sometimes their anxiaty can be so great they will be afraid to step out of their house. The good news is that people can change, after all, the only constant in life is change.

“To fight back or not to fight back, that is the question”.Victims of bullying might decide to take charge in the situation and become aggressive. If this behavior works for the victim, he will continue this behavior in similar future events. This is more preferable in my opinion because now the victim has learned to stand up for himself and will not shy away from people.

When the victim gets older and goes to college he will be with more mature people and a calmer environment. Unless the victim can believe he is in a safe and friendly place he will continue to shy away from people. There are NLP techniques that one can use to change his or her belief pattern. Read “Sleight of Mouth” by Robert Dilts to find some patterns. All people are different so one technique wont work on everyone, experiment.

Being social is vital for the normal functioning of a person, unfortunately victims may not develop their conversation skills to the fullest, since they have been shying away from people; however, this skill can always be learned. One way of learning conversation is by getting a job that depends on your ability to communicate. The important thing is to take action and find a way to change, “if you seek you will find”.