What Makes a Teacher Unpopular with Students

What makes a teacher unpopular with students? That question may cross some teacher’s mind at some point in time, and other teachers just don’t care. That, right there, might be one of the answers to this question. When teachers do not care about their students, the students can tell and will reciprocate the feelings. This might create a small hostile environment for not only the teacher and student, but the rest of the class as well.

Another reason teachers are unpopular with students is because man as a being does not like help, punishment, or being controlled. Teachers, as appearing to students, are attributed to all of these things. Man likes to be independent, and when he is independent, there will be no punishment or being controlled. Teachers make man feel the opposite of being independent. To know that you need someone else in order to succeed in life is not what most people want to hear, but it is the truth. Could you imagine if you were to teach yourself how to read and write? There might just be a couple billion different forms of language and grammar.

In some situations, when a person is in control, it will be assumed that they accomplished it on their own, without help. This is hardly true because there are countless people who influence everyone’s life. It could have been a teacher, leader in the community, or even a celebrity in the news, but everyone has had some help from someone to get to where they are today. Before that person obtained the position they have today, they most likely have made some mistake. That mistake probably resulted in consequences, or punishment. The severity of the punishment is based on the severity of the act.

There is never total control, either. Our government, though they are the top of the political food chain, has to answer to other powers. So, that person who thinks they are in control does not have total control.

Sometimes the reason teachers are unpopular with students is not the teacher’s fault in the slightest. Common ground for students not liking a teacher is because they are selfish and do not want to work. Teachers are obligated to make their pupils work for excellent grades. If said teacher does not fulfill his or her duty, then they are not performing their job to the best of their ability. However, often times, it is the student who wants to be lazy and not do much, if any, work.