What not to Bring on the first Day of School

There are many things that are not necessary to bring on the first day of school. Typically, the first day of school is dedicated to familiarizing students with their new environment. They are told the rules of the class, what is expected from them, both academically and behaviorally, as well outlining how the discipline process works. They will also be informed of what is in store for them in the coming months and may be asked to get acquainted with the teacher and other students. It is typically an easy day, so there are several things that a student does not need on the first day of class.

Laptop – No matter what the age, a student should not require a laptop on their first day of class (unless one is required for a computer class). Notes may be taken with a pen or a pencil and a notepad, but a class outline and rubric will generally be provided. Laptops are bulky and heavy. For older students, a netbook would be an acceptable substitute, but still this should not be needed on the first day of class.

Supply Overage – An entire package of pencils, pens, and notebook paper are generally not needed for the first day of class. Usually, one pen and pencil and a notebook to takes notes in will be all that is needed. Keep it light. There will probably be no need for markers, highlighters, scissors, or even a calculator on the first day of class. Carrying around a school bag or backpack filled with unnecessary school supplies is not an enjoyable experience.

Restricted Items – Each school has a different policy for bringing personal items onto campus. The restricted items list typically includes weapons of any kind, perhaps mp3 players, iPods, or other personal media devices. It is illegal, however to ban a student from bringing a cell phone to school. It is, however, possible that the school will require the phone to be turned off during school hours. It is wise to closely research the list of banned items before attending the first day of class.

Most students tend to be overly prepared on the first day of school. Although this is unnecessary, it is much better to be overly prepared than ill prepared. There tends to be a lot of information given out on the first day of class, so a notebook and at least one writing utensil will probably suffice for taking down any useful information.