What Teenagers can Expect during Transition Years

Teenagers are typically unprepared for the changes they are about to go through. Teenagers think nothing will change and that they know what to do and how to handle it. With the news coverage of bullying at an all time high, its important for teenagers to realize that things are a little crazy during the teenage years but tend to improve after that.

Physical changes

Physical changes are the most telling that there is a transition happening. Females suffer through menstruation and the accompanying mood swings and hormonal imbalances. If she cries while watching a commercial for a sports game, it may be embarrassing, but its completely normal. Males start growing hair in new places, become more muscular, and otherwise grow. The most important thing to know is that everyone grows at a different rate. Some people don’t fully blossom until college! However, until everyone is on equal developmental footing, its unfortunate but true that these physical changes often cause social changes as well.

Social changes

A lesser developed male may feel embarrassed about his size and is likely to be teased, especially when it comes to gym class and sports. Females have to deal with their own changing hormones, which may cause them to lash out and bully others. Females have the added worry of menstruation staining their clothes and embarrassing them, as well as other general anxieties about appearance.

Cliques are formed during these years, and these cliques can be dangerous in and of themselves. The cliques tend to have varying levels of popularity and exclusivity. Friendships grow apart as friends move into different groups and become busy. Relationships with parents will change also. Teenagers, in an attempt to fit in, many times shun their parents and parental affections while in public and even at home.


Breaking up with a significant other is not the end of the world. Its a natural part of life. There will be others. Female teenagers especially need to realize that those crushes that seem to weigh down their hearts are fleeting. Even celebrity crushes seem extremely important as a teen girl, but teenagers’ hormones do not let them see the reality of the situation. In ten years, the teenager will realize that Justin Bieber was never interested in her and laugh at her own overzealous one-sided love.

Mistakes will happen

Teenagers can never be fully prepared for the changes in their social and physical life. While adults may try to warn teenagers, teenagers will ultimately make the same mistakes that have been made before them. Teenagers will make their own mistakes and learn from them, and adults must accept that. Just as the adults learned from their past, the teenagers will be the ones learning now. The important part is that teenagers do learn from their experiences and move on with life. As all adults know, once school is over, maturity seems to increase and the dramatics seem to decrease. Life gets better after the teen years.