What to do if you go Blank during a Test

Even the best students can “blank out” during a test.  Knowing how to handle this unfortunate situation is very important.  This article will help to explain what to do if you “go blank” during a test.

>> Don’t Panic <<

First off, don’t panic – Panicking will only add to your stress and your troubles.  You may also waste valuable test-taking time (especially if you are taking a timed test) by getting upset.  By panicking you are reducing your ability to remember the information that you have seemingly forgotten.  Just stay calm and try to focus.  Take a deep breath or two and don’t get distracted.  If you can keep yourself from overly stressing out, then you can continue on with your test.

>> Write Down What You Do Know <<

Although you seem to be blanking out, you should still write down what you can still remember at the time.  Just make a quick bulleted list of facts that you do know that may help you with this question.  This way you can always come back later and try to refresh yourself and look at the question differently.  If the question is multiple-choice, then you can use the “process of elimination” method to get rid of the answers that you know are not right.  Then you will have reduced the answers so that you have a better chance of selecting the correct answer.

>> Move On <<

If your test is timed, then you could be harming your score by spending too much time on something that you can’t remember.  Move on to another part of the test that you do know so that you can at least get partial credit.  Also, by moving on you may see a different question that may trigger your memory regarding the previous question that you had difficulty with.

>> Return To The Question Later <<

After you have worked on other parts of the test and given yourself a break from the part that you blanked out on, you should return to it.  This way you should have a fresh perspective and have a better likelihood of remembering the information.  It would be a good idea to go ahead and complete the rest of the test so that you can focus and take your time working on the difficult question.

The next time that you have difficulty on a test and “go blank,” think back to this article so that you can have victory over your test.