What to do when your School does not Recognize your Family Religious Beliefs

You have specific religious beliefs, and you have just moved your family info a new school district, to find out that the school does not recognize certain holidays that are part of your faith. It can be challenging to figure out just how to handle this type of situation. Is it your right to excuse your children from school to celebrate those days that are not recognized by the school, or school district? Will this conflict with the new truancy laws that are in place in some schools, and school districts? There are a lot of ways to look at this, and a lot of things to consider.

Some African American families for example, know how important it is to honor Martin Luther King Jr., and there is a holiday in January designated just for him, and what he stood for.  There are some states, and some schools, who do not share these same views, and beliefs, and therefore they do not make this day a school holiday. Is it your right to excuse your child from school for the day in order to honor, and show respect for the things that he stood for, and to take the day to teach your children the history behind Martin Luther King Jr., and the dream that he had?

In December, the Christian Faith celebrates Christmas and the birth of Christ, when the Jewish celebrate Chanukah. Some school systems have winter vacation from school that usually starts around the 20th of December and goes until around January 3rd or so to give families time to be with extended family, and loved ones who may live in other states, and maybe even other countries who will either travel to spend this time with you, or you will travel to see them.

It is best, to resolve these issues early on, so that it does not become a problem that you have to deal with when you should be honoring your families faith, and doing what you believe is the right thing to to. If this is something that is going to be an ongoing issue within the school system, you might look into another school system, a private school, or maybe even a home school situation, if you have the flexibility to do something like this, where you can incorporate your beliefs right into your lessons. These are just a few things to think about when facing a situation like this.