What to Include in the School Magazine

The school magazine has become a popular way for students to be involved in their school communities, for them to make a contribution to the school and for them to show off their talents. If you are considering starting a school magazine, you may be wondering what should be included in each issue. Here are some tips on what should be included in a school magazine so that it will capture the interest of fellow students.


Throughout the school year there will be different events that can be reported on in the school magazine that will be of interest to fellow students, new students or teachers, funding and developments at the school, an award that a talent student has received or a contribution that the school is making in the local community are all news features that are worth writing about. This will keep other updated with current events and let them know about what is going on in their school and how this may affect their lives.


Any upcoming events at the school can be written about. These may be fund raising events, the school prom, discos, summer fêtes or competitions. This will let students know about the different opportunities that are available to them and ensure that they can get hold of tickets if need be.

Topical articles

There are plenty of events and issues arising in the wider world beyond your school that young people will be interested in. Choose topics that are relevant to their lives, such as education, technology, sport or youth politics. Feature articles about these types of subjects looking at it from a number of different viewpoints so that you have a balanced argument in your article. Perhaps interview some fellow students about their views on the topic or start a debate. It is these sort of articles that will inspire fellow students to write in to the magazine with their views on what you have reported.

Fun activities

Many students will expect more from a magazine than simple articles to read. They will want to be able to engage physically with the magazine. Fun puzzles and activities will cater for those with an interest in this type of activity and broaden your readership beyond those students who actively participate in school events and include students with other types of interests.


Similarly, you are likely to capture the interest of a wider group of students if you include competitions in your magazines. The prizes don’t have to be great, perhaps vouchers for a local fashion outlet or tickets to the cinema. The nature of the competition can be dependent upon the age of the students who are your target audience for the magazine. However, it will contribute to people wanting to read the magazine if you include something that benefits the reader.

Include images

Whether you use graphics or photographs in your magazine, a splash of color will make the magazine far more appealing to the reader. It will catch their eye, inspiring them to grab a copy, and will make each of the features seem more interesting than a page of dull, black and white writing.

A school magazine can be a great way for students to show off their talents and to create a sense of community in their school There are lots of different types of features that can be included in a magazine, but some of the best include topical articles, news and events, puzzles and competitions.