What you should do when you Feel your Teacher Isn’t Teaching you anything

We have all been there before, and sometimes we can come out of a class feeling like we haven’t learned anything at all. Some might think that this is a result of you not trying to get anything out of the class, or not doing any of the work required to get a good grade. At some point though, there are going to be teachers that you just can’t learn from no matter what you do. What can you do if you feel like your teacher hasn’t taught you anything?

Let’s be real, there are teachers out there that simply don’t know what they are doing. Whether it be that you take a class all school year just to find that you have no clue what the test is about, to the one teacher that has an entire class fail, there are teachers out there that just cannot teach. This isn’t a myth, and I don’t think this article would be allowed to be written if there weren’t any teachers who simply couldn’t teach.

I have had two teachers in my lifetime who simply didn’t know what they were doing. They couldn’t teach, and what was worse, they couldn’t admit that they couldn’t teach. A simple question from a student could elicit a three minute rant about the lack of intelligence on the part of the student. There was nothing that the student could do to get it right in each of those classes. This is scary, and not a good way to be learning.

So what do you do? Try to switch classes first. Better to just quietly get out as opposed to trying to draw the ire of the teacher, or try to say that he or she is no good to be a teacher. This only hurts their ego more, and could make it worse for the other students that are still in the not so good position of taking classes with the bad teacher.

If that doesn’t work you can go to the principal or the superintendent and get the teacher removed. That actually ended up happening to one of the teachers that I had in high school. She simply wasn’t good with kids, and couldn’t help out as much as much as she needed too. Unfortunately the one professor in college I had was tenured, so getting rid of her was going to be impossible.

There are people in every profession that simply don’t belong doing what they do. Teaching is no different, and it can only make for a bad experience for the kids when these bad teachers are allowed to teach. If you can get out of the class do it as fast as you can, you are only hurting yourself by staying. A bad year of school can have effects for the rest of your life.