What you wish you or your Children never Learned in High School

Snobbery. Popular, pretty girls, or handsome, athletic guys looked down on others in the school and excluded them. People would start rumors about the stupidest things. Malicious gossip can ruin a young person’s reputation and self esteem. In some cases, the person comes to feel so bad about him/herself that he/she commits suicide.

Prejudice. I wish I could say this doesn’t exist in the Christian school as well as the public school, but it’s not true. At least we didn’t see racism, but I did see some insensitivity that had no place in any school. I saw people prejudiced against others based on clothes (to a lesser extent, because of dress code), and even what church they attended.

Promiscuous sex. Not as common in a Christian school, but don’t kid yourself. It’s there, too. Consequences include broken relationships, shame, pregnancy, and worst of all, AIDS-I wish young people weren’t contracting HIV at such young ages. They think they’re invincible just because they’re young. Some of them will have to take drugs for the rest of their shortened lives to fight it. I wish we didn’t have to tell them there is no cure for AIDS. I also wish schools would tell the students that abstinence is the best way to avoid AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, and unwanted pregnancies. Schools say that teaching abstinence is ineffective, but what if we told kids why it’s desirable (avoiding disease, saves broken hearts as a result of having sex before being mature enough to handle it emotionally). What if we taught girls (and guys) how to avoid being in compromising situations and that it’s OK to say no if you really don’t want to do it?

Abortion is not murder- a big fat lie that will haunt lots of high school girls for the rest of their lives because they were duped into making the wrong decision. I think it’s a shame that kids are being taught that a fetus in the womb isn’t really a baby and that you can dispose of it with no problem. At the same time, teenagers need to be made aware that that there are couples who would jump at the chance to adopt that baby, and, help is available for teenage moms who want to finish high school. Counseling should be available for girls who struggle with guilt after an abortion. Schools need to teach parenting skills to teen moms and dads. Too many kids suffer sexual abuse either in school or out of it. High schools sometimes aggravate the abuse by not doing something about it. Often the abuser meets his/her victims in school.

Abusive teachers. Some teachers use their position of trust and authority to abuse their students, some sexually. Often the student is scared to speak up and the teacher gets off Scott free. Teachers suspected of abuse need to be investigated and monitored far more closely.

Drugs. Even if there are no dealers in your school, non prescription drugs can be addictive, too. I feel scared when I hear stories of kids coming to public high school high on drugs.

Peer pressure. Peer pressure leads young people into many dangerous activities, including drugs and risky sex. High school is a place where you can’t get away from peer pressure, and kids will make foolish choices just to fit in with their friends. Teen girls sometimes end up with eating disorders because the media and their friends pressure them to look a certain way.

Lack of funding. Lots of high schools lack the money to give their students the best opportunity to learn and fulfill their potential.

Crowded classes with too many students for everyone to learn properly. 50 kids in one class is just too many. This means some students are left out in the cold, especially if they have learning style differences.

High school is supposed to be a place of learning things that will help a child later in life. Unfortunately, this is not the case for some students, who suffer academically and learn bad habits, bad attitudes, and develop self esteem problems. Too many high school students are abused, and or abusers. Some of these will never recover from the effects of these experiences. Saddest of all, there are those students who never graduate from high school at all, not just the ones who drop out, but those murdered or driven to suicide. Parents, teachers, students, and society as a whole must do all possible to support hurting teens.