What’s the Impact of Bullying Behavior

History abounds with bullies. Bullying is just one of the many tools available to someone who wants to have their own way regardless of anyone who stands in their way. Bullies almost every time to be effective, have deputies for support.

For bullies to exist there has to be circumstances that create the bully. In any society there will be people who have complaints but are relatively ineffectual unless they congregate. If these people form a common group then it is ripe for a bully to become their leader. One characteristic of a bully is that they are prepared to accept the consequences of their actions.  Although a person may have a grievance he/she is, generally speaking, unwilling to stand in the limelight. This person however has no qualms in accepting the role of a deputy to the bully.

Would it be fair to say Hitler was a bully? Look at his rise to power. He would never have reached such heights without the support of his deputies who themselves established a chain of bullies. Look at the impact of those bullies. A whole nation set the world to war. Millions of people were killed. Whole cities were destroyed. Those people who were opposed to his views were cruelly dealt with.

Every bully has victims. Well before the bully exercises his behavior he/she will have built up a number of deputies. If a victim decides to stand up to the bully he/she finds that he/she has to deal with a group rather than an individual. The victim then becomes dominated by the bully.

So what can a victim do? In a school situation you could say that the victim can do very little. If the school child reports any ill treatment then often the bullying intensifies. The school child will not want to go to school. Lack of esteem sets in and the child may even contemplate suicide. Parents who suspect  their child is being bullied are often seen as trouble makers by school authorities. A bully and their deputies thrive on creating misery. 

For many life at school was one big happy time. These people may have practiced some from of bullying and now occupy positions of management  in a business. Office situations create ideal situations for the bully. Once again, for a bully to be effective he/she has to have deputies.  As a group they can have devastating impacts of their victims. Once again, a victim finds he/she has to deal with a group rather than an individual. Again, lack of esteem, depression and suicide may be contemplated. If a victim complains then usually resignation is the outcome.

It is heartening to note that bullying is nowadays being recognized for the damage it can do to a person. In most democracies laws are now in place to aid victims of bullying in the workplace. Companies are being sued by victims of abuse. In time the office bully may be a thing of the past. However this may take ages depending on company management, the rigorous enforcement of rules pertaining to conduct and the attitude of the employees.

If bullying is to be eradicated a good place to start is in the school yard. Children should have an avenue to report bullying without fear of repercussions of their peers or being labelled as a trouble maker. Bullying unfortunately has now reached new heights with the advent of the cell phone. This form of abuse urgently needs attention before a nation of people too scared to leave their own homes is created.

Where do the bullies come from in the first place? What makes a bully? There are numerous and varied answers to those questions but in many cases it starts at home by parents with poor parenting skills.  A childhood of neglect and abuse invariably leads to the creation of a bully. It is high time the bully is singled out for attention rather than the victim. The bully and especially the parents should be made to attend counseling by law.

For some reason society seems to applaud a bully as some kind of irreproachable rascal and adopts the attitude that a victim deserves all he/she gets. The victim often has had his/her life destroyed. He/she loses self esteem, becomes withdrawn and all enjoyment in life is crushed.

In the future society may start to punish the bullies and perpetrators of misery rather than condemn the victims. Only then perhaps we can have different answers to the question.