What’s the Impact of Bullying Behavior

Bullying has both short and long term effects on the victim, which can cause harrowing pain. Sadly bullies don’t realize the impact their behavior has on their targets. Any form of bullying, no matter how big or small causes grief and damage to the victim. Bullying can affect a person’s emotional and physical well-being, and be detrimental to their overall health. Bullying drastically impacts a person’s life and causes them great stress and trauma.

Here is a closer look at the impact of bullying behavior:

Bullying impacts upon education

Children that are bullied may show a decrease in productivity at school, and their work may falter as a result. It can be difficult to focus on studying and absorbing information when feeling tense and anxious. A lack of interest and a lowered self-esteem can also occur. In addition, children that are bullied are likely to have more absences due to fear and ill health caused by the problems faced at school.

Bullying impacts emotional well-being

A child’s emotional well-being is seriously compromised when they are a victim of bullying. In fact, it can have such drastic negative effects that it can lead to them contemplating suicide and many even take their lives due to bullying. Bullies cause anguish, suffering and pain, as well as fear and intimidation which can cause the victim to feel weak and trapped. Victims of bullying are prone to depression, and are likely to lack confidence and self-esteem. Bullying emotionally affects the well-being of the victim and can have disastrous long term effects.

Bullying effects physical health

The stress and upset that is caused by bullying impacts on a person physical health and well-being. The victim may suffer with headaches, aches and pains, stomach aches, feeling nausea’s and experience anxiety and panic attacks. In addition, there is often a change in appetite when under stress, which can cause further complications. Lack of essential nutrients and vitamins can compromise health and well-being, and suppress the immune system. Sleep patterns may be disturbed and unsettled sleep can cause further anxiety and tension, as well as tiredness and feeling lethargic and rundown.

How bullying impacts the bully

Bullies seek attention, and want power and control. They thrive on getting a reaction from intentionally hurting another person. However, their behavior is caused for a reason, which could be a lack of something in their life. The bully may have grown up in an aggressive environment, or they may have been subject to bullying in the past. Bullies don’t think of the impact that their behavior has on their targets or on themselves for that matter. If a bullies behavior isn’t addressed it could lead to problems for them later in life. They may struggle to form relationships, continue to be aggressive, be lonely and are likely to commit criminal behavior.

Bullying has a detremental impact, as it affects everyday life, health and well-being. It can damage a person’s confidence, self-esteem, self-worth and will to live. It can have disastrous effects and turn a person’s world upside down. The effects continue even after the bullying has stopped. However, it is time to change and put a stop to bullying. Everyone is entitled to live a happy and fulfilled life, and no one has the right to make another feel worthless. Stand up to bullies and walk away. Don’t let a bully impact you in any way, as you don’t deserve to be hurt. Recognize bullying, and stop it before it gets out of control.