When Hand Writing a High School Essay is best used

When you have an essay due in high school, with the deadline looming, you may be tempted to hand-write the project rather than head over to the computer. There are several pros and cons associated with hand-writing a high school essay.

The Personal Touch

Handwriting bears a resemblance to snowflakes. No two types of handwriting, just like snowflakes, are the same. That can be a plus, as an essay that is hand-written shows a personalized quality. The reader may be able to get a sense of your style from your penmanship. Unique quality is evident.

Beware, however, if you have sloppy handwriting. If you have already begun writing your paper by hand, ask a close friend or family member for their opinion on the legibility of your script. If in doubt, use the computer. Electronic type is easier to read. There is less chance that the reader will stumble over words or miss partial sentences due to not being able to decipher the text you wrote.


Hand-writing an essay has the advantage of not needing any electronic software, gadgets, or other devices that may not be easily mobile. An essay can be written by hand on the bus, at a picnic bench, or in the locker room. The possibilities are endless and the supplies needed are few. Combine a pen, paper, and you. You are well on your way! No laptop need be lugged around.

While portability is an advantage, using a computer instead to type the essay provides easier editing options. Make a mistake typing? The ‘Backspace’ and ‘Delete’ keys are your friends. With a click of a button you are able to undo your mistakes on the project. Not so easy when you are handwriting the piece. While white-out is available, it may create an eye-sore on the page. Crossing out lines also looks sloppy.


The high school teacher may favor the essay typed on computer rather than handwritten as it appears more professional. With computer, you are able to adjust margins, add headers, and create bulleted lists. While these variations can be hand-written, the margins are less likely to be even by eye-balling the piece of paper and less options are easily available.

The Novice

While many students today are able to navigate easily computer programs, not every student falls under this category. Some high school students may find if easier to hand-write their essays rather than to learn a word-processing program.

Rather than taking a computer tutorial, it is likely simpler to grab a piece of paper and begin writing one’s ideas down. Less time is taken, which may be essential if there is little time before the project deadline.

The Type

For those students comfortable with the computer, they likely find typing is quicker than the process of handwriting. These students are able to transfer their thoughts to the computer faster and therefore prefer this method over handwriting a document.

The pros and cons of hand-writing a high school essay need to be weighed, depending on the individual’s preference and current computer skills. As with learning in general, what concepts work for one student may not work as well for another. Now get working on that essay!